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Bayern Munich Vs Augsburg LIVE HERE!!

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Bayern Munich Vs Augsburg

Sadio Mané looks completely isolated up front. Leroy Sané is simply not the same on the right wing, but Julian Nagelsmann’s mind has taken control again. The alternatives are simply awful and too late in the game to even expect any remote effects. The team needed Manuel Neuer in the opponents box in the last minutes to get a draw against FC Augsburg who is in 11th place. If that sentence doesn’t send alarm bells ringing on Säbener Strasse, I don’t know what will.

Preview: Augsburg Vs. Bayern Munich

How long will you keep blaming the opposing keepers and referees? Augsburg was just the fastest today and got three points. Well deserved on every aspect. Bayern Munich’s defense was sloppy, the finish really poor, and the passing very slow. Joshua Kimmich is not cutting it in the middle of the park and is spending too much time on the ball. De Ligt takes too much time with unnecessary and slow dribbles. Sané, and surprisingly today Mosella also took too many contacts and were trying to do skill moves and dance a lot but with little effect.

You cannot expect to face your opposition all the time. You either show grit and passion in every game, or just grind. Bayern did not ‘bottle’ the game… it was never theirs to begin with. The team deserved to lose, fair and square, Rafal Gkewicz or not.

Sadio Mané missed a chance here. Yes, today was very poor. Photo by Alexander Hessenstein/Getty Images

Someone had to say it. There is something wrong with Sadio Mane, and that can probably be attributed to him not being cut out for the role No.9 or false 9. . However, what is simply unacceptable is his really poor first touch, his terrible finishing after a number of beautiful through balls from Mazrawi (who was brilliant) and Müller, and him being bullied too easily by opposing defenders.

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Mane’s honeymoon period is over. He needs to start performing consistently, or risk being benched more often once Kingsley Coman returns to action. Mane has not looked like the player he has been with Liverpool lately, and we can only hope that this is a temporary dip in performance. If not, Bayern Munich are in a pickle.

It is difficult to keep pretending that everything is fine in the absence of Robert Lewandowski because it is not. Gone are the days when a striker would simply provide a chance to sleep instead of making unnecessary extra passes. Gone are the days when Bayern were a legitimate threat from set pieces. Gone are the days when opposing defenders were bullied with the ball, not the other way around.

Obviously, not much can be done to fix this problem… however, the other players just want to step up and take on more responsibilities, more roles. Bayern’s forwards need to stop passing so much in the final third, and Leon Goretzka needs to stop taking shots. xG means nothing if you can’t score. This team just couldn’t finish today, and the Raiders have to keep it simple. Or, they get benched.

Matthias Tail is waiting. Kingsley Coman will be back soon. You either perform, or it’s off to the doghouse.

Bundesliga 2020 21 Bayern Munich Vs Augsburg Live Streaming: When And Where To Watch Online, Tv Telecast, Team News

Another recurring theme this season has been that the opposition is not booked for cruel fouls. Today, there was a moment when an Augsburg player collided with Nosir Mazrawi late with full force, which caused the player to go down, with what appeared to be a light yellow. There were several instances when things did not go Bayern’s way. Maybe the players need more lessons from the captain, Lucas Hernandez. Maybe they just don’t have a voice.

Augsburg, on the other hand, made sure to complain about every call during the game. It’s certainly not something respectable to advocate for, but sometimes, you have to get dirty to win. And this includes showing hard/clumsy fouls and making it easier for the referee to spot. So yes, not a big deal, but something that can definitely make a difference.

Henronde’s team, historically dominant so far in the Bundesliga, is potentially weak. Photo by Alexander Hessenstein/Getty Images

There is a pattern that has emerged from the game in recent weeks, and you can’t say that after the first 30 minutes of the game, you didn’t see it coming. Sit back and defend with determination, let Bayern dance with the ball as they want, then start pushing for a goalless first half. Come the second half, press Bayern harder, somehow force a goal before the 60 mark, and then sit back and go down the bunker for the rest of the game. A win, or at worst, a draw.

Bundesliga Football Match: Bayern Munich Vs. Fc Augsburg Xinhua

It’s a plan we should expect to see more opponents follow against Bayern in the future. Sure, Augsburg gave Bayern space in midfield but their numbers in defense were where it mattered. Gikiewicz was exceptional, for sure, but so were the Augsburg midfield and defensive block. Nagelsmann needs to figure something out soon because it seems the team’s kryptonite is there for all to see and copy.

Both the coach and the team need to act together. Things are sure to get tougher this season, especially considering there’s a World Cup to attend to in the middle.

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If you want to discuss more about Bayern Munich’s loss to FC Augsburg, please check out our post-match podcast where you can hear what went wrong, what went wrong, and how the players and the coaches came out. : New Podcast Alert! It’s been a while but the new episode of our podcast is now live! Click here to hear us talk about Harry Kane, Thomas Tuchel, Müller, Stansk, Pavard… basically every important topic. x

Dayot Upamecano , Fcb 2 In The Match Fc Bayern Muenchen

Bayern Munich beat their fellow Bavarians FC Augsburg with the score of 5-3. Two minutes later, Murguim Berisha’s goal was matched by a flurry of Bayern goals, thanks to Joao Cancelo, two (!) Benjamin Pavard, Leroy Sane and Alphonso Davies. Berisha got a questionable call on Matthijs de Ligt (more on that later) and a late third for Augsburg, but Bayern were too strong for their cross-state rivals. So, let’s look at the talking points of the game.

Bayern started the game in poor form, with Augsburg taking over and scoring the opening goal through Mergui Berisha — the same player who beat the record-breaking champions in September. Sure, it’s only Augsburg, but the better teams in the Champions League will make you pay for a lack of concentration. The team must have a clear mind from the very beginning and keep mistakes to a minimum.

Once again, Bayern are fouled by the referee. You may be complaining about liability, but it’s happened too many times and the calls are so obvious you can’t ignore them. Augsburg resorted to playing dirty to try to slow us down and the referee is very sweet, if not leaning towards Augsburg. Unfair penalty against Matthijs de Ligt in the 58th

It also comes to mind that Breshaw lets the double-touch penalty sit in the second and subsequent minutes. The DFB need to seriously scrutinize their pool man.

Bayern Munich V Fc Augsburg

Typically, Bayern stopped conceding an early goal and struggled to regain control. That would mean either a perfect draw or a late collapse, but this game proved otherwise. The Bavarians revived after the Augsburg scare and looked much bigger. It recalls the comeback of the German national football team under current coach Hansi Flick, in which they made a spectacular comeback from a losing position. Examples include two 2021 games: a 4–2 win against Borussia Dortmund (2–0 down in 10 minutes) and a 5–2 win against Mainz (2–0 down at halftime). Monsters of the mind.

The man was just the boss today and made a strong case for his contract extension. Two goals from the French who wanted to show everyone that he still loves the club very much.

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