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Denver Broncos Vs Los Angeles Rams – The Los Angeles Rams faced the Denver Broncos on Saturday night in what would be the final game of the preseason. Although Los Angeles moved the ball well on offense, problems in the red zone would lead the Rams to their third loss of the preseason. Final score Rams 12, Broncos 17.

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Denver Broncos Vs Los Angeles Rams

Although it would take a full quarter, the first touchdown of the game was scored by the home team. Starting at the Los Angeles 42-yard line, Teddy Bridgewater led their offense down the field and Courtland Sutton threw a six-run strike. Neither team could get their offense going after scoring. After three punts (two in Los Angeles and one in Denver), Michael Hochette had success with a sack on his hands on a defensive play. Los Angeles would continue to struggle in the red zone and settle for a 30-yard field goal after starting at Denver’s own 18-yard line.

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The defense showed up during Denver’s first drive of the third quarter and forced a three-and-out. Perkins again drove his team to the goal line, but Jacob Harris was unable to score on Perkins’ lob for a touchdown. Gay continued with plenty of practice and made his fourth field goal of the night. Los Angeles’ defense couldn’t hold on to a three-point lead on Denver’s next drive as Drew Lock found tight end Austin Forte for a touchdown.

We have a thief on our hands @C_JJ_Rozeboom with the pickaxe!! pic.twitter.com/WE9OOpk7vQ — Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) August 29, 2021

The Rams were unable to capitalize on the turnover and failed to convert on fourth down at the Denver 35-yard line. Los Angeles would have one last chance to get their first win of the preseason with a two-minute drill orchestrated by Perkins. The offensive line didn’t hold up for Denver, who would gain a sack in the final minutes of the game, along with some untimely penalties, denying the Rams’ offense any chance for last-minute heroics. The Denver Broncos finished the preseason strong by defeating the Los Angeles Rams 17-12. Let the regular season begin!

On a smoky night in the Mile High City, the Denver Broncos returned to the lineup for the first time in more than a year. All three, Von Miller, Courtland Sutton and Albert Okwegbunam entered the mix in positive fashion as Denver’s first team took an early lead against the second team Los Angeles Rams unit. That lead would hold as Denver finished the preseason 3-0 with a 17-12 win over the Rams.

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Head coach Vic Fangio made a good decision in naming Von Miller, Courtland Sutton and Albert Okwegbunam all co-captains for this game as all three returned to action for the first time since sustaining career-ending injuries. In the 2020 season.

The Broncos lost the toss and the Rams elected to receive, so Miller would take the field first. The first-team defense forced a quick three-and-out against mostly second-string players for the Rams in this game.

Melvin Gordon III had his first preseason action in this game starting on offense. He made his presence known with three carries for 26 yards to lead the Rams down the field in Denver.

The running game was on fire from the start, but the passing game was not. Albert dropped his first pass to Bridgewater. His next two passes were thrown poorly and put Denver on third-and-10 on their first drive. He would throw high to Tim Patrick, who was well covered, to end the drive. Brandon McManus kicked a 54-yard field goal to give the Broncos an early 3-0 lead.

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A personal foul penalty on Alexander Johnson’s jump started the Rams’ next drive. The Broncos defense forced a game-tying field goal inside the ten-yard line.

Bridgewater’s troubles continued on the next trip. Gordon had a tough four-yard gain on first down and then caught a short pass for another four yards, but on third down, Bridgewater tackled Tim Patrick right in the sticks. For the first time this preseason, the Bridgewater-led offense was held to no points.

Teddy Bridgewater misses on third and short to Tim Patrick. pic.twitter.com/PMdFR9Oipt — Joe Rolls (@JoRo_NFL) August 29, 2021

Denver’s first-team defense continued on the field during the ensuing drive. However, as the first quarter ended, Bryce Perkins started running and the Rams’ offense got a first down.

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The Broncos defense woke up to start the second quarter. First, Miller almost got a sack to force Perkins, but instead tackled him for a short gain. Jose Jewell then burst down the middle of the field to knock it down on third down and force a really long field goal. From 53 yards out, Matt Gay put the Rams up 6-3.

On 3rd and 7, Josey Jewell gets a sack and the Broncos D is out of bounds. pic.twitter.com/yadjZXFz8B — Joe Rolls (@JoRo_NFL) August 29, 2021

The period of headlines ended midway through the second quarter. In attack, Garrett Boles and Graham Glasgow moved to the first bench. Bridgewater’s first shot found Albert Oake open on the ground for an eight-yard gain. After Gordon ran four yards for a first down, Bridgewater found an open Eric Saubert over the middle, who charged down the field for a 20-yard gain into Rams territory.

After another short pass to Saubert, Royce Freeman took his first carry for a 3rd-and-7 around the 40-yard line. Bridgewater then passed to Courtland Sutton down the sideline for a 20-yard gain of 19-yards. Rams’ line. It was a big game for Sutton in his first game back from a knee injury.

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After back-to-back runs by Freeman to the eight-yard line, Bridgewater hit Sutton’s Well for an 8-yard touchdown run to put Denver up 10–6.

At night, after the defense of the first team was over, the second team moved in. These include rookies Patrick Sartain and Jonathan Cooper. Sarten made two tackles in the open field and then Cooper came up with a tackle for loss. The second team defense wasted no time forcing a clearance with just over four minutes before the break.

Drew Lock got the first action of the game on the offense’s next turn. Like Bridgewater, he’ll move the offense to a quick 3-and-out. Unlike Bridgewater, he led the team in multiple three-outs this preseason.

The Broncos defense did their job very quickly and gave Locke another chance to do it with just over a minute left in the half and two timeouts. The punt was brought down at one point, so that the two-minute run was just a few runs to send things into halftime. However, that strategy changed after Trinity flagged Benson for a pass interference flag.

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A completion by Albert O brought the Broncos to their own 24-yard line, but Drew Lock was in the pocket all day looking for room to carry the ball while giving the Rams a great scoring opportunity. 34 seconds missing for the break.

Cameron Fleming is on the brink of the abyss. Drew Lock never feels pressured. Strip bag. pic.twitter.com/atsZt3k8Yu — Joe Rolls (@JoRo_NFL) August 29, 2021

The turnover would lead to a Rams field goal late in the first half and put Denver up 10-9.

With the ball early in the second half, Drew Lock and the Broncos offense did nothing more on their first possession of the second half. On third-and-10, Locke had plenty of time and tackled Tyree Cleveland deep down the field on a three-and-out.

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Clean pockets and Cleveland never really had a chance to get it. https://t.co/WSEa6krbzv pic.twitter.com/9nkS8xpGE3 — Joe Rolls (@JoRo_NFL) August 29, 2021

The Rams converted those Denver 3s and took the lead with a long drive that stopped inside the 10-yard line, but a field goal midway through the third quarter gave them a 12-10 lead.

Drew Lock hasn’t looked good at this point in the game, so getting some positive plays on the board was important for his psyche. He was quick on the next drive and found Trinity Benson on a deep dig up the middle for a 21-yard gain. Then he finds Kendall Hinton for one

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