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Deportivo Fabri Vs Arenteiro – This article is about the m football club. For the women’s team, see Deportivo de La Coruña (women).

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Deportivo Fabri Vs Arenteiro

Founded in 1906 by Federico Fernández-Amor Calvet as Club Deportivo de la Sala Calvet, Deportivo won one league title in the 1999–2000 season and finished as runners-up five times.

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The club also won the Copa del Rey twice (1994–95 and 2001–2002), the Spanish Super Cup three times (1995, 2000 and 2002) and the now-defunct Concurso España (1912). The blue and whites have been regulars in La Liga’s best positions for 20 years, finishing in the top half of the table in 16 of the 19 seasons between 1991 and 2010 and finishing 12th in all. – Times La Liga table.

As a result, the club became a regular participant in European competitions, playing in the UEFA Champions League for five consecutive seasons between 2000–01 and 2004–05, reaching the quarter-finals twice and the semi-finals in the 2003–04 season. .

The stadium was built. Their traditional home kit consists of blue and white striped shirts with blue shorts and socks. The club’s long-time rivals Celta Vigo called the Galician derby.

Unlike what was enjoyed in most of the Iberian Peninsula, football did not come to A Coruña through the cherry blossoms, instead, it was introduced by a young José María Abalo, who had returned home after studying abroad. The game quickly became popular and several teams were officially formed.

Deportivo De La Coruña

In December 1906, members of the Sala Calvet Gymnasium founded Deportivo de la Coruña, naming Luis Cornid as its first president.

In May 1907, Alfonso XIII of Spain granted the club “real” (“royal”) sovereignty. Depor started playing at the Corral de la Gaiteira (“Piper’s Yard”), but soon moved to a new ground near Old Riazor, Riazor Beach.

The team played regularly in the regular season and participated in local leagues, but did not succeed in the Copa del Rey in the early years. However, in 1912 Deportivo won their first official title, the short-lived Concurso España.

The 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp saw the first appearance of the Spanish national team. A good run for the Spanish team increased the popularity of football, resulting in several teams gaining professional status, and the league was formed and scheduled for the 1928–29 season.

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In 1928, Depor failed to qualify for the Primera Division for the first time, joining the Segunda Division instead, finishing in eighth place from t. The team fought in a division that would soon undergo many structural and geographic changes over the next few years. In 1932, Deportivo beat Real Madrid, who had gone undefeated in the league season, in the cup.

In 1936, the Spanish Civil War broke out, forcing the abandonment of all official competitions until the 1939–40 season. That year, Hercules qualified for the promotion round. The final match was against Celta de Vigo struggling to avoid relegation. Celta stayed in the top flight with a 1-0 win as Depor’s promotion hopes ended. The following season, the club again entered the promotion race, this time beating Murcia 2:1, and were promoted to Liga for the first time in the team’s history.

The club finished fourth in their first season in the top flight. However, the club relegated to ninth, 12th and 1944–45, 14th place in the next few seasons. Immediate promotion was achieved the following year, but Deportivo were relegated again at the end of the 1946–47 season. However, the team won immediate promotion in 1947–48.

This decade saw Deportivo trend towards the top flight, so the club decided to build a new ground, the Riazor, which is their home today. He was selected for a league match against Valencia on 28 October 1944. During this period, the team’s main player was the club’s goalkeeper Juan Acuna. “Shanetas”, as he was known locally, won the Zamora Cup four times in 1942 and 1951, becoming the second most decorated goalkeeper in La Liga.

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The club finished the 1948–49 season in third place. The following season would see their first major success in the league – Deportivo finished just one point behind Atletico Madrid under Argentine Alejandro Scopelli, who brought South American players to the club including Julio Corquera and Osvaldo. Garcia, Rafael Franco and Dagoberto Mole made the team more competitive and managed to maintain top flight status for nine consecutive seasons until 1957. It was a great period for the club due to respected managers and players such as Helio Herrera and Penho. Local Luis Suarez (the only Spanish player to win the Ballon d’Or) played for Riaz.

After nine seasons of first season football in Spain, the team was relegated to the Segunda Division in 1957, where they stayed for five seasons until 1962, when they were promoted to the top flight. This marked the beginning of a yo-yo era that saw the club become known as the “Lift Team” – promotion was achieved in 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968 and 1971, but narrowly missed out in 1963, 1965, 1967, 1970 and 1973. .

Depor had one of the best youth systems in Spain, as youngsters such as Amancio Amaro, Severino Reza, José Luis Veloso and Jaime Blanco began their careers at Riazor and would go on to become regulars for the Spanish national team. More and more players, including Luis Suarez, want to play for big clubs in Spain and Europe. However, the club’s difficult financial situation led to the forced sale of these players, and the team was unable to establish itself in the top flight. This “yo-yo era” was marked by relegation from the Primera Division in 1973.

After relegation in 1973, the team struggled in the second division, did not avoid another relegation, and was relegated to the third division (Tercera División) for the first time in history. However, Depor was quickly promoted and within a decade was established as number two. In 1980, Depor was relegated to the third tier, the newly formed Segunda Division B, for the second time in history. Again, this slump was short-lived as the team was promoted to the postseason. Notably, Depor were promoted to Spain’s third tier between 1980 and 81 alongside arch-rivals Celta de Vigo.

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The club continued to play in the second division and looked unlikely to return to the top flight. In the 1987–88 season, Depor struggled to avoid relegation after Victe Celeiro scored an extra goal against Racing de Santander in the last game of the season. This is often seen as the club’s dark ages and the beginning of a new era.

During this period, the club suffered from financial difficulties and internal problems, managers were fired almost every year. In the summer of 1988, the Op and Popular Club Assembly elected a new board headed by Augusto Cesar Lodero. Deportivo has a debt of around 600 million pesetas, has fallen from the top flight in 15 years and has not been built on a financial or playing level.

Former Deportivo player and manager Arcio Iglesias was reappointed as manager for the 1988–89 season. Deportivo had a short run in the Copa del Rey, although they eventually lost to Real Valladolid in the semi-finals. The following year, the team played well in the league and qualified for the playoffs, but hopes died again, this time for Terif. In the 1990–91 season, Deportivo finished second, finally gaining promotion to La Liga after an 18-year hiatus. In addition, the club’s finances began to improve and social support increased, especially among the youth group.

The 1991–92 season saw the team struggle in the top flight for the first time, and they were forced into the play-offs after defeating the Royal Blues in a two-legged tie. Arcio Iglesia’s fourth line includes managers and experienced players like López Recarte, Paco Leono, Claudio Barragan, José Luis Ribera, Adolfo Aldana, Donato (most of them are veterans and former players of great teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atleti Madderi. ), local The player raised the level of the team with promising young players like Fran, Brazilian Bebeto and Mauro Silva.

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In 1992–93, Deportivo enjoyed a renaissance season, finishing top throughout the season and finishing third behind champions Barcelona and runners-up Real Madrid and qualifying for European competition for the first time in their history. In the same year, the club also offered the Spanish league

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