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Dewa United Vs Persija – Dewa United will face Persija Jakarta in the 33rd match of Indonesia League 1 2022-2023 at Indomilk Arena Stadium on Monday (10/04/2023) from 20:30 WIB. The two teams currently ranked 16th and 3rd will face each other and secure 3 points.

Dewa United Vs Persija LIVE HERE!!

πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Dewa United Vs Persija

Dewa United Vs Persija

So, who do you think will emerge victorious in this match? Here we are sharing complete score predictions

Thomas Doll Soal Bentrok Pemain Di Laga Dewa United Vs Persija: Terkadang Kami Seperti Binatang

Dewa United (4-3-3): M. Natshir (GK), Bhudiar Riza, Risto Mitrevski, Achmad Faris, Nasir, Asep Berlian, Ichsan Kurniawan, Theo Numberi, Majid Osman, Egy Maulana Vikri, Rangga Muslim.

Persija Jakarta (3-4-3): Andritany Ardhiyasa (GK), Ondrej Kudela, Muhammad Ferrari, Hansamu Yama, Firza Andhika, Resky Fandi, Syahrian Abimanyu, Rio Fahmi, Riko Simanjuntak, Witan Sulaeman, Michael Krmencik.

In the last five matches of Dewa United, Jan Olde Riekerink’s team managed to collect one win, one draw and three losses.

On the other hand, Persija Jakarta managed to collect three wins and two losses in the last five matches. Bantul – Persija Jakarta seemed to be out of gas. The team nicknamed Kemayoran Tigers have never won in their last three matches in BRI Liga 1 2022/2023.

Prediksi Liga 1 Persija Jakarta Vs Dewa United, Kedua Tim Usung Misi Bangkit

Persija Jakarta have a chance to return to a positive trend in Week 16 of the BRI League 1 when they host Dewa United at the Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul, on Tuesday (20/12/2022).

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Full Match: Persija Jakarta Vs Dewa United Fc

“In bubble conditions it is difficult to work. Our schedule is tight,” Persija Jakarta coach Thomas Doll said of his team’s success.

“However, it is possible that we can win the remaining two games. The position of the team is good. All teams must have problems,” said Doll.

Video news highlights the 2022/2023 BRI League 1 Week 15 match between Iran and Persebaya which ended in a 1-1 draw on Friday (16/12/22).

Michael Krmencik (second left) celebrates the goal of Persija Jakarta (second left) against Persikabo 1973 during the fourth week of BRI League 1 2022/2023 at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Sunday (14/8/2022). (/M Iqbal Ichsan)

Hasil Bri Liga 1: Drama Injury Time! Gol Hansamu Yama Ke Gawang Dewa United Bawa Persija Salip Persib

Persija Jakarta has the ambition to eliminate the two remaining teams in the BRI League 1 bubble system, including against Dewa United. Three days later, Kemayoran Tiger Team will face PSS Sleman.

“We want to win. However, I emphasize that the next game will not be easy. We should have gotten more points in the last three games,” said Thomas Doll.

“I want the team to do their best. Hopefully we can win the remaining two games in the BRI League 1 bubble,” explained the architect from Germany.

Iran can again be strengthened by Muhammad Ferarri to fight Dewa United. The 19-year-old defender is back in the Indonesian national team.

Persija Bungkam Dewa United, Geser Persib, Dan Masuk Zona Piala Afc, Perasaan Thomas Doll Campur Aduk: Kecewa Tapi Puas

On the other hand, Dewa United is also hurt. The Nilmaizar fleet is even still on an unbeaten streak of eight BRI League 1 matches.

Finally, Dewa United were humbled by BRI Liga 1 bottom watchers Persik Kediri 0-1Β in match week 15 on 17 December 2022.

However, Dewa United refused to be intimidated by Iran. Wrong Muslim et al. eager to end the negative run while the opponent is also inconsistent.

“God willing, we are ready to face Persia both mentally and tactically. Hopefully all the players are healthy and ready to fight,” Dewa United coach Nilmaizar said.

Hasil Persija Jakarta Vs Dewa United: Sempat Tertinggal, Penalti Yusuf Helal Bawa Macan Kemayoran Menang

Iran Jakarta (3-4-3): Andritany Ardhiyasa; Ryuji Utomo, Ondrej Kudela, Muhammad Ferarroi; Rio Fahmi, Resky Fandi, Hanif Sjabhandi, Firza Andika; Riko Simanjuntak, Hanno Behrens, Abdulla Yusuf Helal

Dewa United (4-2-3-1): Deden Natshir; Dias Angga, Ahmad Faris, Risto Mitrevski, Miftah Sani; Theo Numberi, Ichsan Kurniawan; Wrong Muslim, Majed Osman, Bhudiar Riza; Karim Rossi

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Prediksi Dewa United Vs Persija Jakarta Di Liga 1 Indonesia 2022 2023

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Hasil Persija Vs Dewa United: Dua Kali Tertinggal, Macan Kemayoran Menang

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