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Kansas City Chiefs Vs Cleveland Browns – Losing to Kansas City, the Browns showed they needed to be faster on both sides of the ball during the offseason.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Cleveland Browns LIVE HERE!!

๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Kansas City Chiefs Vs Cleveland Browns

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Cleveland Browns

KANSAS CITY. Competing with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in AFC North or chasing the Chiefs, the Browns need to be faster on both offense and defense this offseason.

Three Key Decisions At End Of Browns Chiefs Game Helped Decide Things

Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City set up a sideline-to-sideline game plan that revealed his lack of sideline speed. Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman receivers operated freely outside. Whether it was a pass or a pass from behind the line, they stretched the Browns’ defense. Running back Darrell Williams carried him 13 times for 71 yards, many of his long runs coming off the tackle.

Offensively, the Browns were methodical but not explosive. Four drives have gone six or more rallies without scoring. Two of those drives have scored less than 14 yards. Baker Mayfield threw three passes for 20 yards, but no more than 27, and only two passes for more than 15 yards in the second half.

After winning their first playoff game in decades, the Browns lost 22โ€“17 to Kansas City in the AFC Divisional Round. Their longest finish in the fourth quarter was only 5 yards while the Chiefs had 12, 13 and 16 yard plays, all without Patrick Mahomes.

In Kansas City, most teams look slow, but speed has been a problem throughout the season. After Odell Beckham’s cruciate ligament injury, there was no shortage of breaks in the game. Defense looked sluggish all season.

Chiefs Vs. Browns: 5 Things To Watch

The game ended the same way it started. When the Chiefs needed to play, the defending champions challenged the Browns’ speed on the perimeter, a test he couldn’t pass no matter how hard he tried.

Since the Browns needed a stop to get the ball back five times, the Chiefs made a simple pass to a running back. Whether there was confusion or not, linebacker B.J. Goodson did not have enough speed to close.

It’s a great call, and backup quarterback Chad Henn is reading it. With his top two players split on the right, Henne worked on the left and Williams was alone in the flat. He ran 40 yards in 4.72 and it showed. However, it still converted.

From the first ride, Kansas City knew how they wanted to attack. Like the Cowboys in Week 4, the Chiefs bet that the Browns would not be able to cover the full width of the field. Hill received an outside pass in Game 1, and Kansas City ended their game with an outside quarterback run.

Cleveland Browns Vs. Kansas City Chiefs: What You Need To Know In Week 1

This game is similar to the one in which Mahomes was injured. With a tackle, he forced Mahomes back inside, where linebacker Mac Wilson hit him.

Upon landing, the Browns lost advantage over the right flank of the Chiefs, who were anchored by Travis Kelsey.

On the Chiefs’ next outing, Mahomes set the shotgun for a second and 10. In the frame, Hill crossed Mahomes’ face after Hardman made a pass to Miles Garrett. Lined up against Kelsey, Garret crashed inside and paid the price.

Browns receivers win by carefully following the route and catching everything that comes their way. Both falls and separations were a problem on Sunday. Jarvis Landry caught a season-high seven balls for 20 yards. Rashard Higgins led all receivers for the Browns with 88 yards.

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The game below is an example of the struggle Higgins and Landry faced throughout the game. Kansas City played out a press coverage scheme based on fitness. In this replay, Higgins tries to win inside with a slope, but doesn’t allow enough wiggle or slap on the lane to open up. Landry at No. 3 didn’t work either.

Ultimately, if this offense fails, it will be because it cannot replace the explosive power that Beckham provides. Unlike Dallas, Beckham wasn’t here to throw a 50-yard touchdown or catch Landry’s trick. relied on runs, screens and deep balls that were well defended.

Defensively, the Chiefs knew they were faster, and it showed all day. Take, for example, the โ€œfourth and first game winโ€ conversion. This game started with Henne rolling to the right and ended with Hill breaking out as stressful calls from the perimeter broke the Browns.

All season this defense played in the minority. But most of the registry has been down since August. Going into the offseason, lateral quickness is a must for any rookie or free agent that GM Andrew Berry brings to Berea.

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Chiefs Vs. Browns: First Half Discussion

NOW LOSSING TOTOTOSDOWN VIDEO: Denerick Prince hits a late 2-yard touchdown in the 4th quarter Kansas City running back Denerick Prince rushes for a 2-yard touchdown in the second week of the 2023 NFL preseason.

PLAYING VIDEO Chris Oladokun avoids the rush and finds Ty Frifogle for a 28-yard finish Kansas City quarterback Chris Oladokoon throws a 28-yard finish to wide receiver Ty Frifogle.

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NOW LOSSING VIDEO ADDITIVES: Ihmir Smit-Marsett spins in front of the end zone to finish Kansas City’s 15-yard TD Catch wide receiver Ihmir Smit-Marsett delights the crowd by finishing with a front end and a 15-yard TD catch as he makes a short pass from a defenseman Blaine Gabbert on the payroll.

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PLAYING VIDEO Blaine Gabbert throws Ihmir Smith-Marsett deep for 44 yards. Kansas City quarterback Blaine Gabbert throws a 44-yard finishing throw to wide receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsett.

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VIDEO PLAYBACK Rashi Rice uses his speed to turn a short pass into a 38-yard lead Kansas City wide receiver Rashi Rice takes a short pass from quarterback Shane Buchele and extends his lead to 38 yards on the touchline.

Final Score: Chiefs Best Browns 33 29 In Season Opener

NOW PLAYBACK TOUCHDOUN: Patrick Mahomes finds Justin Watson for an 18-yard TD to open Kansas City’s scoring quarterback. Mahomes hits 100 on the 18-yard TD for wide receiver Justin Watson as Watson slides into the end zone.

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