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Madura United Vs Bhayangkara Fc – , Jakarta – Madura United and Bhayangkara FC are looking for the missing points. These two big teams will meet at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar

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πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Madura United Vs Bhayangkara Fc

Madura United Vs Bhayangkara Fc

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But there are better conditions at the Bhayangkara FC camp. Their midfield general Evan Dimas Darmono joined the team after he was away playing for Arema FC.

At that time, Evan was able to meet his family while defending the Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup. As for the return of the midfielder, Bhayangkara FC coach Paul Munster admitted that his side will be stronger in this match.

“The preparations are getting better. The players that the team needs have joined. We are looking forward to this game,” said the Northern Ireland coach.

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Apart from Evan, Bhayangkara FC has also been strengthened by senior goalkeeper Wahyu Tri Nugroho, who has just been loaned to League 2, along with Persis Solo. But as a goalkeeper, Awan Setho played well when Wahyu was on loan.

In addition to the addition of Evan, Bhayangkara was once again able to unleash his bomber Ezechiel N’Douassel. The Chad striker was previously absent due to a red card penalty. So it can be said that Bhayangkara got the best composition in this fight.

Munster will hope that everyone at Bhayangkara FC will forget their defeat against Arema FC. Now he wants his men to show a winning mentality again. – You don’t need to lose or win the previous match to increase the players’ motivation.

“Madura United is a good team. The last time they met was also a good match. Now Madura United have new strikers. They look like a new team with better players,” he boasted.

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Madura United coach Fabio Araujo against Lefundes Bali United in BRI League 1 2021/2022 Week 16 at Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul on Thursday (12/09/2021). (/Bagaskara Blue)

Meanwhile, Madura United team realized that this time they will get a stronger opponent, they didn’t want to give up before the match. In addition, the team named Laskar Sape Kerab hopes to further improve their position in the table. They are currently in 12th place with 21 points.

“We have four days to train and prepare better. We know the opponents are top teams, the players are good. This is a competition, you can’t choose the opponent. Whoever comes against us will have to face,” said the Madura United coach. Fabio Lefundes.

The Brazilian coach now motivates his men to win three points. Unfortunately, their overseas stop, Jaimerson Xavier, will be absent due to a backlog of bookings. Fortunately, Fachruddin Ariyanto is back from the Indonesian national team. So the gap in the back line can be covered.

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“We know that our opponent just lost the previous match. But we are the same. We are losing to a team whose position was below us before (PSM). The opponents definitely want to get three replacement points. But we also have a goal to win,” he explained.

In this match, Madura United will expect a lot from striker Beto Goncalves. Because he became the basis for the breakthrough in the goal of Bhayangkara FC.

“He is a legendary Indonesian player. Everyone knows he has won and played for the national team. Opponents must already know his quality. They are wary of Beto,” he continued.

Meanwhile, for new playmaker Renan Silva, it looks like he’s still a backup. Because the situation is not 100 percent yet. Although the match against Bhayangkara was quite emotional for Renan. Because it was his former club. “Renan’s build is not 100 percent yet,” he explained.

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