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Persebaya Vs Borneo Fc – As the host, Persebaya took the initiative to attack in the first minute. So that Ze Valente threatened Borneo FC’s goal in the fourth minute.

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Persebaya Vs Borneo Fc

Kalimantan also organized several attacks by dismantling the defense line of Persebaya. But until the 25th minute, the efforts of the two teams failed to produce results.

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In the 28th minute, Persebaya had a chance from a free kick. He sent a sweet pass into the mouth of Bornéo FC’s goal.

Sho Yamamoto continued the feed with an accurate header. But Angga is in the right place to easily reach the ball.

In the 42nd minute, it was Bornéo’s turn to get a chance from a free kick. Agus Pras greeted the free kick with a header. The ball deviated slightly from the goal of Persebaya, guarded by Ernando Ari.

At the beginning of the second half, Persebaya added explosive power. The golden opportunity came in the 46th minute. Michael Rumere received a beautiful pass from Sho. However, Rumere’s finish was not optimal. The ball still deviates from the Kalimantan goal.

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Five minutes later it was the visitors’ turn to spread the threat. The hard kick of the Borneo player forced Ernando to make a brilliant save.

The score changed in the 56th minute. Borneo opened the scoring after a goal from Matheus Pato. He managed to pass Ernando so he could score the ball freely against Persebaya.

Persebaya equalized in the 79th minute. Sho broke the Borneo goal with a hard kick after receiving a gag ball from the opponent.

Scoring only takes minutes. Because in the 84th minute, Agung Pras also scored a goal for Borneo. The result was a draw: 2-2.

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The goal was scored again in the 93rd minute. Persebaya won again with a score of 3-2 after Ahmad Nufiandani’s goal.

The Persebaya vs Borneo FC match is the 22nd week of League 1 2022/2023 matches. The match was held on Friday (3/2/2023) at the Gelora Joko Samudro Gresik Stadium. Kick-off at 16:00 WIB.

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