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Persib Vs Rans Nusantara – RANS Nusantara FC vs Persib Bandung League 1 2022-2023 Results: David Da Silva and Ciro Alves score, Maung Bandung win 3-1!

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πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Persib Vs Rans Nusantara

Persib Vs Rans Nusantara

David Da Silva opened the scoring in the 7th minute and Ciro Alves doubled him (35′). Finky Pasamba’s own goal (54′) got Persib Bandung even more fired up, while RANS closed the deficit through Yanis Mbombo (60′).

Rans Nusantara Fc Bidik Hasil Maksimal Kontra Persib Bandung

After only seven minutes of action, Persib Bandung immediately turned on the gas. The referee pointed to the penalty spot after David Da Silva had been fouled by a ban. The Brazilian forward didn’t miss a single spot and did his job well to score the opening goal.

RANS Nusantara responded through Makan Konate, who was suddenly close to the penalty area. Edo’s lure was quite dangerous and Makan Konate took it well. But unfortunately the shot went off target.

In the 30th minute, striker RANS Mbombo attempted a hard shot from outside the penalty area. However, Persib’s goalkeeper Teja Paku Alam managed to stop the hard shot.

Five minutes later, Persib even managed to double. Persib gets a free kick near the penalty area. Marc Klok only gave a short pass into the penalty area. But Ciro Alves was waiting in the penalty area. Unguarded, Ciro Alves’ hard shot sneaks carefully into the RANS goal.

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In the 42nd minute, Ricky Kambuaya moved down the right wing and shot the ball into the goal. However, David Da Silva did not know how to welcome him.

After two minutes of the second half, RANS tried to reduce the delay. Saddam’s movement on the left wing created opportunities to pass into the penalty area. But Mbombo’s shot flew wide of the target.

Persib further in the 54th minute. Rezaldi Hehanusa sent a pass into the penalty area from the right. RANS Nusantara FC defender Finky Pasamba tried to clear. But instead he scored an own goal to give Persibi a 3-0 win. Bandung – Persib Bandung will host RANS Nusantara FC at GBLA Stadium in Bandung City in the eighth week of the BRI League 1 2022/2023 series on Sunday (9/4/2022 ) Afternoon WIB.

The duel against RANS Nusantara will be a test for Luis Milla as Persib’s new coach. Maung Bandung Team is also in crisis after losing 1-5 against PSM Makassar.

Hasil Rans Nusantara Fc Vs Persib Bandung Di Liga 1 2022 2023: David Da Silva Dan Ciro Alves Cetak Gol, Maung Bandung Menang 3 1!

Luis Milla hopes his players can recover and Persib Bandung play at home. Although according to him it wasn’t easy because he had only been involved for a few days.

“I was here for several days and had four training sessions with a lot of activity and the players did a good job,” said Luis Milla at Graha Persibi, Jalan Sulanjana, Bandung City on Saturday (09/03/2022).

“It takes time to come up with concepts and ideas, but I am satisfied with the performance of the players in the last two days. They work well and have a good attitude,” Spain coach Persib continued.

Video news highlights the BRI League 1 match between PSM Makassar and Persib Bandung in BRI League 1 Week 7 at BJ Habiebie Stadium, Parepare, South Sulawesi on Monday evening (29/08/2022) WIB.

Ribuan Polisi Amankan Laga Rans Vs Persib Di Stadion Pakansari

The coaching staff of Luis Milla and Persib Bandung held a training session before the duel against RANS Nusantara FC. (/Iwan Setiawan)

Luis Milla understands that Persib Bandung need a win to climb the BRI Liga 1 table this season. Good results also increase players’ self-confidence.

“We know the team is in bad shape, the team is sick and I need support. The players, the coaches and the club need the support of the fans right now, really the moment is bad, especially because of the mentality of the players. because of the good results that will not come,” he said.

Nick Kuipers defends with good releases, tackles and interceptions. He is also good at making long passes from the baseline. No wonder Persib were able to compete at the top and finish second in the 2021/22 BRI Liga 1 season. (/Blue Bagasakara)

Hasil Babak Pertama Rans Nusantara Fc Vs Persib Bandung Di Liga 1 2022 2023: Dominan, Maung Bandung Unggul 2 0!

Luis Milla will ensure that all his troops are fully fit to battle RANS Nusantara FC afterwards, apart from Victor Igbonefo, who is not 100% recovered from surgery on his left cheek.

“Nick Kuipers trained well, Beckham Putra is also the same because he trained normally,” Luis Milla said.

RANS Nusantara FC midfielder Arthur Bonai and head coach Rahmad Darmawan during a press conference ahead of their match against Persib Bandung in BRI League 1 Week 8 on Sunday (April 9, 2022). (/Muhammad Faqih)

Meanwhile, RANS Nusantara FC head coach Rachmad Darmawan admitted that he is preparing for three training sessions. Known to all the players as RD, his nickname, he is ready to face Persib as hosts.

Klasemen Bri Liga 1: Lewati Persija, Persib Mantap Buntuti Psm

“We have brought 22 players and all players are ready for the match. The purpose is to face the challenge of Persib Bandung, we will do our best to work hard,” RD said.

“And mentally more than they did yesterday in some matches that we want to score points here (Bandung),” continued RD.

Rans Nusantara FC head coach Rahmad Darmawan during BRI League 1 2022/2023 Week 7 between Rans Nusantara FC and Barito Putera at Pakansari Stadium in Bogor on Monday (29/08/2022). (/Blue Bagaskara)

Regarding the exchange of trainers in the Maung Bandung force, RD admitted that this was not beneficial for his force. In contrast, Makan Konate et al. instead, they need to anticipate Persib’s motivation under the polish of Luis Milla.

Prediksi Line Up Persib Bandung Vs Rans Nusantara Fc, Ada Yang Absen?

“I actually don’t foresee the motivation they can get with the presence of the new Manager, usually at the start of the match they always show a positive attitude in a changing era,” RD said.

“It takes time, but if we understand the game from Robert Albert to Luis Milla, there is usually more motivation. We are aware of that,” Rahmad Darmawan added after the finish.

Persib Bandung’s David da Silva (center) celebrates after scoring a 1-1 draw during the 2022 Presidential Cup Group C preliminary round match between Persib Bandung and Bali United at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, Bandung on Sunday (12/06/2022). (/Blue Bagaskara)

Persib Bandung (3-4-3): Tiin Wirawan (goalkeeper); Ahmad Jupriyanto, Nick Kuipers, Rachmat Irianto (back); Henhen Herdiana, Ricky Kambuaya, Marc Klok, Daisuke Sato (center); Febri Hariyadi, David da Silva, Ciro Alves (front)

Rans Nusantara Fc Ingin Sikat Persib Untuk Kado Raffi Ahmad

RANS Nusantara FC (4-3-3): Himansyah (Goalkeeper); Febriansyah, Victor Salinas, O.K John, Setiawan (reverse); Maruoka, Makan Konate, Fadilla Ak (center); David Laly, Wander Luis, Septian Bagaskara (front)

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