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Persija Vs Arema Fc – , Gianyar – Arema FC will take on Persia Jakarta in Matchday 23 of BRI League 1 2021/2022 on Saturday (5/2/2022) at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium. Nicknamed Singo Edan, the club is high on confidence ahead of their match against Kemayoran Tigers.

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Persija Vs Arema Fc

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Liga 1 Arema Fc Seri 1 1 Lawan Persis Solo

Arema FC went on a positive trend as they lost only once in the BRI League. Eduardo Almeida’s men last lost 2-1 against PSS Sleman on September 19, 2021.

After that, Arema FC became a tough team and failed. In fact, Arema has successfully recorded six matches without scoring in BRI League 1.

This situation will surely boost the confidence of the Arema FC players. Instead, Persia has been plagued by inconsistency issues this season. Persia have won only two of their five matches in Jakarta 2022.

In the last match, Persia Jakarta even beat Persiraja Banda Aceh 0:1. So, what is Arema FC’s record against Persia so far?

Persija Jakarta Vs Arema Fc: Preview, Jadwal Tv & Kabar Terkini Skuad

Carlos Fortes has truly become a lethal goal machine for Arema FC. The forward, who is good at finding space and has a sense of scoring, has scored 5 goals in 9 matches in BRI League 1, which is 4th in Singo Edan’s ranking. (/Bagaskara Blue)

Since 2012, Persia Jakarta and Arema FC have met 20 times in all competitions. Arema FC have won 10 matches to continue leading the way.

Arema scored 29 goals in 20 matches against FC Persia. On the other hand, Persia Jakarta broke 20 times and the team nicknamed Singo Edan.

The meeting in the BRI Union 1 2021/2022 is expected to be intense. Arema FC will benefit from the sharpness of Carlos Fortes, while Persia Jakarta will depend on Marko Simic.

Menpora Amali Saksikan Pertandingan Persija Kontra Arema Fc Di Stadion Patriot Candrabhaga

Persia Jakarta’s Mohamed Ferrari (left) and Arema FC’s Didik Setiawan in action during the seventh match of the Week 7 BRI League match at Manahan Stadium, Solo on Sunday (17/10/2021). (/Bagaskara Blue)

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