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Persija Vs Persib – If there is one match you must watch live in Indonesia, the answer is Kemayoran Tigers vs Maung Bandung!

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πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Persija Vs Persib

Persija Vs Persib

At first glance, the aforementioned derby match cannot be separated from the geographical location of the two teams, which are quite close to each other even in the same province. Regardless of geography, however, there are classic derby matches that grace Indonesian football.

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Yes, the battle between Persia Jakarta and Persib Bandung. In Indonesia, known as El Clasico, the fight between these two teams is always wild, loud and most crowded.

If I could talk about the first meeting of these two teams, it is very far. Persia and Persia first met in 1933 in the United States. At that time, Kemayoran Bars was still called VIJ (Voetbalbond Indonesische Jacatra) and managed to beat Persibi, then known as BIVB (Bandoen Indische Voetbal Bond).

However, the rivalry between the two teams is not without its unique features, namely in the 2005 Indonesian League. At that time, Kemayoran was declared the winner of the Tigers Walk Out (WO) after Maun Bandung refused to participate in the competition. A large number of Persian fans at the Lebak Bulus Stadium.

Perhaps many fans will remember local striker Taufik Hidayat Kemayoran who looked promising for the Tigers in their 4-1 aggregate win over Persia Persib in the Menpora Cup 2021 final.

Persija Vs Persib Ditunda, Thomas Doll Ikut Kecam Dugaan Negatif

Since joining, the two have met 157 times. Persib won 59 times, Kemayoran Tigers won 49 times and 49 matches ended in a draw.

However, if we look at the beginning of the era of the Indonesian league, these two met 45 times and in detail: Persia won 20 times, while Persib won 7 and the other 18 matches ended in draws.

So if you look at the record of all meetings, Persib is better, but Persia is better in the “professional” era since the Indonesian league in 1994.

Take for example Persija playmaker Makan Konata from Mali who was the pride of Bobot (Persib fans) from 2014 to 2015.

Persib Vs Persija 2023 Kapan Di Gbla? Jadwal Persib Bandung Bri Liga 1 Indonesia Putaran 2 Hari Ini Lengkap

But Konate is one of many players who played for both teams. There are Alexander Pulalo, Gendut Dhoni, Nur’alim and Imran Nahumaruri who played for Persib and Persia in the early 2000s.

Then there were Charis Julianto, Rafael Maitimo, Lorenzo Cabanas, Atep, Budi Sudarsono, Abanda Herman, Tony Sucipto, Maman Abdurrahman, Asri Akbar, Firman Utina and Robertino Pullara, among other famous names who played for Maung Bandung and Kemayoran Bars.

Jackmania and Persia fans will surely never forget the name of Mark Cloke who defected from Kemayoran Tigers to Persib earlier this season.

However, in each of these teams, you will see loyal players like Bambang Pamungkas, Ismed Sofyan and Hendro Kartiko playing for Kemayoran Tigers, while Persib have loyal players like Robbie Darvis, Jadjan Noordjaman, Dadang Hidayat and Hariono.

Persiapan Laga Persija Vs Persib, Krmencik Curhat Tentang Porsi Latihan, Begini

If you want to watch El Clasico Indonesia live at the stadium, accommodation and transportation are important depending on where you are coming from.

If you come from Jabodetabek, you probably only think about transport. You can use public transportation such as buses that can be booked through Traveloka. In addition, you can rent a car through Tiket.com and Traveloka, as well as hire a driver to go to the stadium.

Meanwhile, if you are outside of Greater Jakarta, you can travel by public transportation such as bus, train, plane, etc. and book through Traveloka and Tiket.com.

Transport problem solved. So what about out-of-province and even off-island spectator camping?

Persija Vs Persib: Macan Kemayoran Menang 2 0

Don’t worry, you can book hotels on Traveloka and Tiket.com. From a one-star hotel on the outskirts of the city to a five-star hotel in the city center, you can choose according to your budget.

Both teams have huge fans and fill the stadium whenever Jackmania or Bobotoh play their favorite teams. Of course, one can imagine what would happen if Persib played against Persia.

The Gelora Bung Karno Stadium and the Jakarta International Stadium, which are candidates for Persia’s headquarters, are sure to be packed, and the same goes for matches at stadiums such as Si Jalak Harupat Stadium or Gelora Bandung Lautan Api.

If you want to book tickets for the match, just check in advance and Persija and Persib provide ticket booking services through their official websites.

Tok! Lib Putuskan Tunda Duel Persija Vs Persib

In addition, you can book directly at the stadium. However, you should be prepared for long lines and crowding at the counters.

Whether you come to Jakarta or Bandung to watch Indonesia’s hottest derby matches, there is nothing wrong with visiting the tourist attractions in these cities.

If the match is in Jakarta, you can visit the National Monument and Kota Tua to relax and take a selfie. If you want to spend your vacation, you can come to Ankol, Dunia Fantasy or Taman Mini Indonesia in India.

If the fight is in Bandung, the tourist places you can visit are Ranka Upas, Lembang Park and Zoo or De Ranch Lembang.

Persija Jakarta Vs Persib Bandung Live Score, H2h And Lineups

Do you want to go shopping? You can visit several shopping malls like FX Sudirman or Plaza Senayan near GBK in Jakarta. Meanwhile, if you are in Bandung, you can shop at Citylink Festival, Braga Citywalk or Trans Studio Bandung. Persija Jakarta won the 2022/2023 BRI League 1 Week 28 match against Persija Bandung in a postponed match at the Patriot Stadium in Bekasi. Friday (31.3.2023) evening WIB. (/Muhammad Iqbal Ichsan)

, Bandung – Persib Bandung is ready to host the first match against Persia Jakarta in the 11th week of BRI League 1 2023/2024 if requested by PT LIB as the operator of this League 1 season.

The availability comes after talks to change their home status for Saturday’s (11 February 2023) match, where hosts Persia will not be able to use Jakarta’s Central Bung Karno Stadium (SUGBK) as the stadium will be used for state purposes. event.

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Laga Tunda Persija Vs Persib Dijadwalkan Pada 31 Maret 2023

“I only read about it in the news and it is not decided whether the match between Persia and Persib was here or there. It is still being talked about and seems to be limited to talks. We are just waiting for information,” Bandung Explained the vice president of PT Dignified Persib Bandung (PBB), Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Andang Ruhiat.

Thomas Doll’s men remain third in the Indonesian 1st League with 57 points from 31 games. (/M Iqbal Ichsan)

However, Andan Ruhiat confirmed that his party is ready to hold the first meeting if PT LIB and PSSI mandate them to organize the Persij vs Persib meeting later.

“Anyway, if people above them are appointed, they should be ready, but maybe it will be discussed in PT Persib’s board first. Whatever it is, we hope for the best,” Andan Ruhiat said.

Bri Liga 1: Wacana Tukar Posisi Tuan Rumah Dengan Persija, Persib Setuju

Persib Bandung started regular training at Persib Stadium (Sidolig), Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bandung on Monday (06/05/2023). (Erwin Snaz/)

When asked about the use of the Persib Stadium (Sidolig) as a training ground for the Under-17 World Cup teams, Andang admitted that it was homework for the Persib management to prepare the players to replace the Persib training ground.

Because until now, the stadium owned by the Bandung city government, in addition to the GBLA Stadium in Bandung, has been a regular training ground for Mark Klock to improve his tactics and strategy to lead the BRI League 1 this season.

“So far, we have not decided to replace Persib Stadium as the training ground. God willing, we should have everything ready soon. However, there is no information yet on where the training will be held apart from GBLA.” Andang.

Arena Laga Persija Vs Persib Di Bali, Lebih Berpihak Ke Maung Bandung

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Image: What’s wrong with Rivan Nurmulki? Not included in men’s national volleyball team in last 3 tournaments including Asian Games 2023. Persija vs Persib match was played on Friday evening 31/31/2023 at Patriot Stadium Chandrabhaga, Bekasi, WIB. Jack agrees to attend to support his favorite team.

Persija Vs Persib: Thomas Doll Tuntut Pemainnya Cetak Gol!

The presence of the fans motivated Persige even more and they pushed Persige from the first minute. In the eighth minute, Witan Sulaiman’s pass met Muhammed Ferrari, but Reki Rahayu pushed him out and hit the net.

Three minutes later, it was Vitan’s turn, who had a chance to score, but his shot hit the far post, but the goal was wide open. Persib fought for the development of the game.

In the first half of injury time, Rico Simanjuntak broke the deadlock by getting his name on the scoreboard. Rico maximized Persib’s mistakes from midfield and slotted the ball into the net with ease.

Persia, who were winning 1-0 in the first half, increased their attacking intensity and tried to add goals, but several attempts failed.

Foto: Hasil El Clasico Persija Vs Persib, Macan Kemayoran Jinakkan Maung Bandung 2 0

In the 50th minute, Mark Cloke’s cross was met by David da Silva, who saved Andritani in the goal from hitting the post and requiring treatment.

In the 72nd minute of the match, Persia doubled the score with a pass from Michael Krmenczyk. Bait

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