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Persikabo 1973 Vs Dewa United – Crazy Football – Persicabo 1973 vs Dewa United Prediction 2022/23. The match between the two teams will take place on Wednesday (18/1) at WIB Pakansari Stadium.

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๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Persikabo 1973 Vs Dewa United

Persikabo 1973 Vs Dewa United

Unlike Persicabo, United’s rival was the first game earlier this year. Of course, the advantage of playing as a home team will be put to good use by the Bogor football team.

Sempat Unggul 2 Gol, Persikabo 1973 Kalah Dramatis Dari Bhayangkara Fc

After the end of the first phase there was a break in the League 1 competition, Persicabo in 1973 played for Dewa United. Laskar Padjadjaran has decided to end his partnership with coach Djadjang Nurdjaman and bring in coach Aidil Shari from Singapore.

The Deva United camp, which has a team that is being promoted, has also changed coaches. South Tangerang football club fired Neil Maizar. Instead, they brought in an experienced European class coach.

Deva United have officially signed Olden Olde Riekerink. He is a coach who once led Galatasaray to win the Turkish Cup and Turkish Super Cup. His first game as a strategist ended in a tie at Persis Solo.

Although he brought in an experienced coach, Olden Olde Riekerink’s job was difficult. Because Deva United is one of the worst defensive teams in the 2022/23 league. They scored 30 goals and placed 17th.

Persikabo 1973 Siap Tempur Lawan Dewa United, Pemain Optimis 3 Poin Di Kandang

Unlike Persikabo 1973, the team nicknamed Laskar Padjadjaran finished 10th and scored 22 goals. The hosts will take advantage of Dewa United’s weak back.

The last five games of Persicabo 1973 were very special. Because they haven’t won yet. But he managed to score four points. The only other win was 1-0 against Arema FC.

As well as the Dewa United camp, the South Tangerang football club is yet to win. But worse, because all three have lost.

In the first Ligue 1 meeting between the two teams, Persicabo 1973 won convincingly 3-1. 2 of them came from Dimas Drajad.

Dipanggil Ikuti Tc Timnas Indonesia U 20, Pemain Dewa United Subhan Fajri Cedera Acl

With both teams looking for their first win in 2023, Persicabo 1973 vs Dewa United has a chance of a 1-1 draw.

Persikabo: Diky Indriyana, Gilang Ginarsa, Lukao, Andy Setyo Nugroho, Didik Wahyu; Bruno Dybal, Syahrul Lasinari, Rony Sugen, Ryan Kurnia, Pedro Henrique, Silvio Junior.

Dewa United: Mohamed Natshir, Dias Angga, Risto Mitrewski, Brian Fatari, Miftah Anwar Sani, Rangga Muslim, Teo Numberi, Lucas Ramos, Majed Osman, Nathanael Siringoringo, Karim Rossi., Bogor Wednesday (18/1/2023) BRI League 1 2022/2023 Match between Dewa United and Persicabo 1973 in week 19 of BRI League.

The clash between Persicabo 1973 and Deva United will be interesting as both teams can use their strengths.

Dikalahkan Dewa United Fc, Persikabo 1973 Akui Kecolongan

Persicabo 1973 is ahead as this game will be Laskar Padjadjaran’s first game to be postponed after the 2022/2023 BRI Liga 1 second round match against Persebaya Surabaya in week 18.

Pesicabo 1973 are also looking to win this game to move into the top six of the interim BRI Liga 1.

Meanwhile, Dewa United were determined to go out after a 1-1 draw with Persis Solo in their last match, with a point to spare.

Dewa United wanted to avenge their 1-3 loss to Persicabo in 1973 at the Indomilk Arena.

Persikabo 1973 Vs Dewa United Fc 03.09.2023

Furthermore, Deva United is in 17th place in the 2022/2023 BRI League 1 table with 15 points from 17 games.

Video News BRI Liga 1 match between Dewa United and Persicabo 1973 continues in Week 1 of BRI Liga 2022/2023, Sunday (31/7/2022).

Persikabo 1973 coach Aidil Sharin Sahak confirmed that his team is well prepared. You could say that Laskar Padjadjaran benefited from a long preparation after the postponement of the BRI League 1 Week 18 match against Persebaya Surabaya.

Aidil Sharin said on Tuesday (17/1/2023) “With our preparations, thank God, every day is a good progress and they are used to the game I want. All the players are doing well.”

Harga Tiket Online Dan Link Dewa United Fc Vs Persikabo 1973 Laga Minggu 31 Juli 2022,

Commenting on the strength of his opponent, the coach from Singapore said that Persicabo 1973 must continue to do well because whoever does not play strategically, they can stumble.

Aidil Sharin asked his team to be determined, focused, strong and work together throughout the game and use opportunities to achieve their goals.

“I promise, they must use a prepared strategy. They must focus on the game and certainly not underestimate their opponents. It is a home game, they must win, so they must work hard,” he said.

Dewa United coach Oldan Olde Riekerink instructs his team during the BRI League 1 2022/2023 restart match between Dewa United and Persis Solo at Indomeilk Arena on Saturday (14/01/2023). (/Dark blue)

Berita Dewa United Vs Persikabo 1973 Terbaru

Deva United’s Olden Olde Riekerink confirmed that the home team is under no pressure. On the other hand, Oldan Olde said that all Deva United players will give themselves without thinking that Persicabo 1973 will surprise them.

“I am focused on my team because I don’t know how the opponent will play after getting a new coach from Singapore. However, we are well prepared,” he said.

Speaking after the draw with Persis Solo, Jan Olde said that the most important thing now is that Persicabo 1973 can win the game as Dewa United needs more points to raise the level.

“The important thing for us is to get points in the next game. Scoring is very important to us. I am very happy with the progress of this team and we are ready to compete,” he said.

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