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Persita Vs Madura United – Madura United face Persita Tangerang in Ligue 1 2022/23. Madura United vs Persita Tangerang match on Wednesday (15/2/2023) 15:00 WIB at Zelora Madura Ratu Pamelingan Stadium.

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๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Persita Vs Madura United

Persita Vs Madura United

So, what are the score predictions and lineups for the two teams? Here is our prediction for Madura United vs Persita Tangerang match.

Persita Vs Bhayangkara Fc Bri Liga 1: Misi Pendekar Cisadane

Madura United are expected to use a 3-4-3 formation with Fabio Lefundes team. Alfredo Vera, on the other hand, is expected to use the 4-3-3 formation as manager Persita Tangerang.

Expected Madura United lineup: Randy Oscario, Cleberson, Hashim Kipu, Otavio Dutra; Jin Ale Kwan, Yujun Lee, Jaja, Reba et al.; Lulinha, Alberto Goncalves, Esteban Gabriel Vizcarra.

Persita Tangrang Expected Lineup: Aditya Harlan, Mohamed Toha, Fandry Imbiri, Javlon Gusenov, Mario Jardel; Bae Bae-Young, Faherza Sudin, and Ezequiel Vidal; Gozali Siregar, Ramiro Pergonzi, Lipki Septiwan

The last 5 matches between Madura United and Persita Tangerang have been mentioned with Madura United winning 3 and Persita Tangerang winning 1 while their other matches have ended in a draw.

Madura United Kalahkan Persita Tangerang

Madura United are expected to win 3-1 against Persita Tangerang, given their current standings and the difference in team performance. BRI League 1 2021/2022 Table They will face Madura United in Week 27 on Thursday (24th February 2022) at the Kampien Suzana Stadium in Denpasar.

Swordman Sisadane is 9th in the BRI Liga 1 with 33 points from 26 matches. Meanwhile, opponents Laska Sapay Cuff are currently 12th with 29 points from 24 games.

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The two teams have met only once in history. This happened in the first round (June 11, 2021), when Persita won 2-1. This record shows that on paper Persita is better than Madura United.

Nonetheless, Persitas manager Widodo Kahino Putro was reluctant to underestimate Madura United’s strengths. He understands that his team is in a good position, but his opponents have the ability to surprise him.

Madura United Vs Persik Kediri Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 07/09/2023

โ€œWe all know Madura United are full of quality players. From behind, from the center, from the front Widodo revealed on Wednesday (02/23/2022) that there are also some loopholes we need to exploit.

So we’re still tuning in with our team,” he said. “What’s clear, what’s certain is we have to be careful who comes in from the third of our defense,” added the Greek coach.

Persita defender Herwin Troy Saputra is greeted by his teammates after scoring the winning goal as Sisadane Warriors beat Madura United in BRI League One. (Persita Media)

Madura United’s front line will likely be occupied by Trident’s composition Bai Gatra, Beto Goncalves and Ronaldo Quate. They have abilities that should not be underestimated. This composition is very interesting for cross-age players.

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The 30-year-old Ayre mainly plays on the right wing and is reliable on the dribble. The 41-year-old Beto, then, is a formidable striker. Meanwhile, 17-year-old Ronaldo has mukbang skills.

If they want to play from the back, we can defend that zone in their own zone. But once he comes into our territory, he naturally needs to be more vigilant. “It’s because they’re experienced players,” Widodo said.

Persita’s 2-1 win in their first round meeting had a huge impact on Madura United under manager Rahmad Dharmawan. Beating Persita had a huge impact on Madura United and eventually made the difference.

Just three days later, on 9 November 2021, Madura United sacked manager Rahmad Dharmawan. Then, on 15 November 2021, Fabio Leponz entered as a substitute. In other words, the duel between the two teams in the first round was affected by the coach change.

Lawan Persita, Madura United Gagal Pertahankan Keunggulan, 1 1

Persita striker Ahmed Nur Hardianto scores against Madura United in BRI Liga 1. (Persita Media)

However, Madura United manager Fabio Lepondes declined to comment. He wants to focus on Persita’s strengths that have allowed him to survive in mid-table.

โ€œEvery minute everyone asked me what happened in the first round. I wasn’t here in the first round. “We have a difference from round one. We have a new coach and a new player on the team.” said Fabio.

โ€œI can talk about Percita now and Madura United now. “Persita is a team with positive personalities. Their players have pace and a good game,” added the coach with a Brazilian passport.

Hasil Lengkap Liga 1: Madura United Dan Persita Tangerang Imbang, Bhayangkara Fc Perkasa Di Solo

In terms of match results, Persita actually has a mediocre record. They have played 26 matches with 9 wins, 6 draws and 11 losses. Their run scores are also average. That is, 31 goals and 36 goals.

This record already shows that Persita Madura should not be a threat to United. It has to be a chance to win this match. But Fabio Lefonds will not underestimate Percita’s strength.

We already know what to do to overcome all their hard work. “We already know what to do to play aggressively and surprise them,” said Fabio Leponz.

Paracita (4-3-3): Dika Bayangkara (Goalkeeper); Mohammed Toha, Deddy Gusmawan, Agang Prasetio, Edo Fabriciancia (back); Betrayal, Andre Augustier, Harrison Cardosu (center); Qasim Butan, Ahmed Noor Hardianto, Miftahul Hamdi (front)

Alfredo Vera Beri Update Soal Kondisi Persita Tangerang Jelang Laga Kontra Madura United

Madura United (4-3-3): Hong Jeong-Nam (Goalkeeper); Dodi Alekban Jean, Jameson Xavier, Fahrudin Ariantto, and Novan Setia Sasongko (rear); Asep Berlian, Slamet Nurkahiu and Hugo Gomes (centre); Bay Gatra, Beto Goncalves, Ronaldo Quatre (Forward)

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Main Sepuluh Orang, Persita Tangerang Raih Satu Poin Dari Madura United

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Laga Kontra Persita Tangerang, Madura United Waspadai Ezequiel Vidal

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