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Psis Semarang Vs Bali United – , Jakarta – PSIS Semarang vs Bali United in the continuation of 2021/2022 BRI League 1, Sunday (20/02/2022), will be a farewell match for Pratama Arhan. Therefore, the most interesting parting gift is expected from the left of the Indonesian national team.

Psis Semarang Vs Bali United LIVE HERE!!

๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Psis Semarang Vs Bali United

Psis Semarang Vs Bali United

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Unlike Bali United. In eight games, they won only once against PSM Makassar. Serdad Tridatus defeated the others easily. Even in the last two games, Bali United scored four goals.

But the three goals they scored were “gifts” from FC Bhayangkara and PSS Sleman. Bali United’s game is still not perfect. After the victory against PSS, Bali United coach Stefano Teko Kugurra admitted that his team played in the best form.

An opportunity presented itself for PSIS. They are trying to give Pratami Archan a nice tour, who has officially joined J-League 2 club Tokyo Verdy. In addition, Mahesa Djenar coach Dragan Djukanovic has noticed Serdad Tridat’s style of play in the last two games.

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Bali United showed its dominance with 58 percent control. The club called Serdad Tridatu also had four accurate shots against PSIS, but none of them scored. (/Bagaskara Blue)

The question now is, can PSIS break the good record of Bali United in week 26 of Premier League 2021/2022 at Ngurah Rai Stadium tonight?

“Preparations for Bali United are going on as usual. We analyzed the last two matches of Bali United. So we have three or four days to prepare,” Dragan explained during the small talk. online news before the match on Saturday (19/02/2022).

For him, Nikลกiฤ‡-born, the coach of Montenegro Serdad Tridat is doing a good job in the second round. It is clear that the strength is different from the Bali United they faced in the first round. “We are trying and trying to win the game tomorrow (today),” he said.

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Looking deeper, there are problems with the PSIS body. Dragan is trying to solve this problem because he is almost exhausted by another problem, namely the Covid-19 hurricane. Dragan is not interested PSIS has forgotten how to win games

“This problem is a final solution. We are trying to find ways to make this team better in the future. Before that, we did not win well because we were against big teams like Persib, Persebaya or Madura United ,” he explained briefly.

Hari Nur Yulianto could be the solution to the poor PSIS front line. But now Hari Nur, who scored 19 times, scored only three goals. Their international singer Shevaughn Walsh didn’t show his tagine either.

“We have a problem in front. You can play young people, but there are players who cannot play,” he explained.

Psis Semarang Vs Bali United 02.09.2023

In addition, Komarudin is expected to be absent due to a yellow card collection, while Septian David Maulana remains a doubt as he completed a 10-day isolation period due to Covid-10. “He’s not 100 percent ready after 10 days of isolation,” he said.

The game was played at a high speed. Bali United and PSIS Semarang traded battles, but the game became tough. The game was very difficult. Few chances were created but unfortunately no goals were scored in this match. (/Bagaskara Blue)

Similarly, as usual, Bali United coach Stefano Teko Kugurra did not say much about the match against PSIS Semarang. “We will work hard to win tomorrow (today),” he explained briefly.

But the word is that Bali United is almost fighting PSIS. For example, in the first round they drew 0-0. In the second round of Premier League 2019, with Bali United looking to chase the title, they won 1-0 at Moh Soebroto Stadium, Magelang.

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Former architect Persija Jakarta knows this. “In the first round, we only got one point. At that time, Semarang (PSIS) had a lot of energy. Now there are changes in the team. Their old coach (Dragan Djukanovic) is back. Then the foreign players new appeared,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bali United fan Leonard Tupamahu tried to take Bali United three points. Because of the three points, Bali United continues to hope for first place, close to Arema FC. “There is no reason why you should not work to keep Arema at the top of the competition table,” he concluded.

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Prediksi, Strategi Dan Head To Head Bali United Vs Psis

Photo: What is happening to Rivan Nurmulki? Not included in the men’s volleyball team for the last 3 tournaments, including the 2023 Asian Games, Jakarta. A heated duel between the best teams of BRI League 1 2021/2022 will be held in week 10. Bali United will meet PSIS Semarang at Maguwoharho Stadium, Sleman on Sunday evening (31/10/2021 ).

Bali United are the reigning champions looking to maintain their position at the top of the table. Serdado Tridatu is currently in fifth place with 15 points.

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In nine games they managed to win four, draw three and lose two. Last week (27/10/2021), Bali United beat PSS Sleman with two unanswered goals.

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On the other hand, PSIS itself has recorded its first eight BRI Liga 1 matches without a win. Unfortunately, Persib Bandung ended this good record which ended with a narrow 1-0 victory last week (26/10/2021).

However, this team called Laskar Mahesa Jenar is still in the third position with 18 points. They won five, drew three and won one of their nine games.

With that in mind, this is a game that deserves to be noted and not forgotten. Fighting the strength of each team, it will be an interesting encounter where the plans of two foreign coaches, namely Jan Gillan (PSIS Semarang) and Stefano Kugurra Teko (Bali United), will be interesting.

Now, both of them don’t want to give up. In addition, the strength of the two teams is sufficient to be able to compete at the top.

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Bali United cannot afford to leave goalkeeper Wawan Hendrawan, who is suspended. He was absent when his team faced FC Bhayangkara and PSS Sleman.

In these two games, Nadeo Argavinatu was tasked with guarding Serdad Tridat’s goal. The results are not bad as they recorded a clean sheet last week. It is possible that Nadeo will still be trusted to fight PSIS.

Meanwhile, PSIS Semarang may lose Joko Ribowo to the law later. The goalkeeper appeared against Persib Bandung and made it difficult for the opponent in a tough game last week.

Prediksi Skor Bali United Vs Psis Semarang Bri Liga 1 Kick Off 20.30 Malam Ini

Joko Ribovo’s appearance is very good with a lot of experience in the top level competition. This is supported by the fact that he managed to record a clean sheet in two of his three appearances this season.

PSIS Semarang’s Wallace Costa Alves (center) tries to block against Madura United in week 5 of the 2021/2022 BRI League 1 at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Sikarang, on Wednesday (Sept 29, 2021). (/Bagaskara Blue)

Bali United could field Willian Pacheco, who was absent last week due to suspension. As a foreign defender, he will partner with senior stopper Leonard Tupamah to protect the heart of the defense.

The back position will be filled by Made Andika and Ricky Fajrin, who were the main players in the past few seasons. This back row quartet will be a barrier to the opposing team’s attacks.

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The defensive composition of PSIS Semarang will not change, relying on four defenders. These are Pratama Arkhan, Wallace Costa, Alfeandra Devangga, Fredyan Wahu.

The four guarded well together and dispersed the enemy’s attack. These titles helped PSIS go on an eight-game unbeaten run before being beaten by Persib last week (26/10/2021).

FC Borneo’s Paulo Sitanggang (R) and Bali United’s Rizky Pellu during the 2021/2022 BRI League 1 Week 5 match at Indomilk Arena, Tangerang on Tuesday (09/28/2021). (/Bagaskara Blue)

Teko did not leave international midfielder Brva Nouri, who signed up. As a substitute, there is Hariono or Rizki Pellu, who can also be relied upon.

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Captains Fadil Sausu and Eber Bessa will eventually add strength to Bali United’s midfield. Don’t forget that Eber Bessa was the big man with one goal and an assist to give PSS Sleman the victory.

PSIS has four players in midfield in a 4-4-1-1 formation. They include Riyan Ardiansia, Finky Pasamba, Fandi Eko Utomo and Septian David Maulana who have responsibilities in every situation.

Riyan and Septian can be placed in the side to look for openings in the attack. Meanwhile, Fundy and Finky kept their balance, moving from behind to forward, or occasionally shooting from a distance.

Ilija Spasojevic of Bali United in the opening match of BRI First League 2021/2022 against Persik Kediri at Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Friday (27/08/2021). Bali United won 1-0. (Photo: /Ikhwan Yanuar)

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The three leaders of “Bali United” will be Stefano Lilipali, Melvin Platier and Iliya Spasojevic. Really cool

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