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Psm Makassar Vs Persis Solo – Continuing the 2022/23 Ligue 1 Week 27 2022/23, PSM Makassar will host Persis Solo at Gelora BJ Habibie Stadium on Sunday (3/5/2023) starting at 3:00 PM ET.

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Psm Makassar Vs Persis Solo

So what are the predictions for the score and line-ups between the two teams? Below is the prediction result for the match between PSM Makassar and Persis Solo with statistics and

Intip Harga Pasar Persis Solo Yang Naik Peringkat Ke Bri Liga 1

PSM Makassar was able to field their best team in this match because the players had no booking history and were all fit while Persis Solo could not play with one of their players due to the red card he received against Bali United.

PSM Makassar is expected as Bernardo Tavares’ team will use a 3-5-2 formation. On the other hand, Leonardo Medina as coach of Persis Solo is said to use a 4-3-1-2 formation.

PSM Makassar predicted line-up: Reza Arya Pratama, Erwin Gutava, Juran Lopez, Agung Mannan; Jacob Sayuri, Ananda Raehan, Kenzo Nambu, Akbar Tanjung, Yance Sayuri; Willian Pluim, Everton.

Predicted line-up for Persis Solo: Gianluca Pandeinuvu, Gavin Adsit, Andri Ibo, Rian Miziar, Eki Taufik Febrianto; Sutanto Tan, Alexis Messidoro, Mohammad Helmiawan, Ryo Matsumura; Fernando Rodriguez, Ferdinand Sinaga.

Luar Biasa, 2 Kali Psm Comeback Persis Solo Di Satu Laga Dengan

With consistent wins in their last five matches, PSM Makassar are now on top of the Ligue 1 table for the 2022/23 season. In fact, Persib Bandung playing at home still cannot prevent PSM Makassar from winning.

On the other hand, Persis Solo have two wins, two draws and one loss in their last five matches against Bali United. With such a very good result, it is believed that Persis Solo can face PSM Makassar in this match. PSM Makassar will host Persis Solo in week 28 of Ligue 1 2022/2023. In the history of meetings between the two teams, Yuku Eja and Laskar Sambernyava are equally strong.

The match between PSM Makassar and Persis Solo will be held at BJ Habibi Stadium in Parepar on Sunday (05/03/2023). Start at 16:00 WITA.

Persis Solo, who have just returned to the top of the Indonesian league, have faced PSM 3 times since 2007. Out of that, both teams won 1 match each and tied.

Psm Makassar Vs Persis Solo ยป Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & Streams

Both teams are equal in terms of goals scored. PSM is noted to have managed to breach the Persis Solo gate 5 times and vice versa.

The first meeting between the two teams took place at the Andi Mattalatta Mattoanging Stadium in Makassar during the competitive era of the Indonesian League. PSM narrowly won with 2:1.

In the second meeting, Persis Solo was able to avenge the defeat. Laskar Sambernyava managed to win 3:2. Frank Siator became the star of the field, scoring two goals and one against Rudy Widodo. While PSM created Saiba Badaru and own goal was created by Lascar Sambernawa player Anam Siahrul.

In the last meeting of the two teams in the official Ligue 1 202/2023 competition presented at the Manahan Stadium, Solo on Thursday (29/09/2022), both teams had to settle for sharing the points after a 1-1 draw. Persis Solo took the lead through Irfan Jauhari’s goal in the 23rd minute, while Kenzo Nambu scored for PSM in the 44th minute.

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PSM coach Bernardo Tavares also admitted that he analyzed the weaknesses that his team could use to defeat a potential rival. They also discussed this with the players during the preparations for the match.

“Of course we analyzed our opponents and discussed it, and the players already know what the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents are,” Bernardo Tavares said in the session.

However, this Portuguese coach does not want to underestimate Persis Sol. According to him, with the engagement of the new coach Leonardo Medina, Persis Solo was better than in previous matches.

I think (Persis Solo) is a good team and they have good players too. With the arrival of the new coach, they showed progress both in individual results and in the team as a whole,” he explained.

Ramadhan Sananta Selalu Cetak Gol Di Laga Uji Coba Persis Solo, Pelatih Sebut Perbedaan Psm Makassar

PSM Makassar PSM Persis Solo PSM vs Persis Solo Liga 1 Liga 1 2022/2023 H2H PSM vs Exact Solo Stadium Gelora BJ Habibie Parepare South Sulawesi Sulsel PSM Makassar vs Persis Solo 2022-2023 Ligue 1 Results: 3-2 win, Juku Spell intact at the top of the rankings

The results of PSM Makassar vs Persis Solo in Ligue 1 2022-2023 are known. Juku Eja, nicknamed PSM Makassar, managed to win by a narrow margin of 3-2.

The PSM Makassar vs Persis Solo match was held at the BJ Habibie Stadium in Parepara, South Sulawesi on Sunday (03/05/2023), afternoon WIB. Three goals for PSM were scored by Jacob Sayuri (62′), Viljan Pluim (69′) and Everton (77′).

With this result, PSM Makassar increasingly remains at the top of the 2022-2023 Ligue 1 standings. They have now collected 62 points in 28 games played.

Menang Comback Lawan Persis Solo, Psm Nyaman Di Puncak Klasemen Liga 1

The names of Leagues 1 and 2 will change next season, PSSI president Eric Tohir is optimistic that he can win the Thai-Vietnamese football competition.

PSM Makassar started the game well as they had more motivation to perform in front of their home crowd. With Villan Pluim, they also threatened the visitors’ defense at the beginning of the match. Unfortunately, Gianluca Pandenuvu’s header was saved.

It doesn’t stop there. In the 24th minute, PSM Makassar got another great chance. This time it was the turn of the threat Yance Sayuri.

Jans showed brilliant individual skill and shot into the box. However, Gianluca still deflected his powerful blow.

Statistik Psm Vs Persis: Juku Menang Usai Lagi Lagi Kalah Penguasaan Bola

PSM Makassar finally managed to score against Persis Sol thanks to the action of Everton Nascimento. But the referee disallowed the goal, as Everton was already offside.

Instead of scoring first, PSM Makassar actually lost. It was Ryo Matsumura who gave Persis Solo a 1-0 lead with his goal in the 32nd minute. The score changed to 1-0.

Both teams struggled to score goals in the rest of the first half. However, both attempts were unsuccessful. PAREPARE, – Five goals colored the match between PSM Makassar and Persis Solo in week 28 of Ligue 1 2022-2023. PSM continues to win Ligue 1 in the 2022/2023 season. PSM came from behind before turning around to beat Persis Solo 3-2.

PSM hosted Persis at Gelora BJ Habibie Stadium on Sunday (3/5/2023) afternoon. It was precisely the hosts who surprised, who took the lead until the end of the first half with a goal by Ryu Matsumura.

Liga 1 Indonesia

PSM almost scored at the beginning of the second half. The horizontal kick was continued by Sutanto Tan with a powerful shot from the penalty area, but the Persis player fell on the block.

The goal that PSM was impatiently waiting for was finally scored in the 62nd minute. Jans Sayuri burst into the goal of Persis Solo and equalized at 1:1.

Viljan Pluim passed from below, and Janse Sayuri shot into the penalty area. Jans tricked Persis centre-back Rian Miziar and then fired a right-footed shot into the bottom corner of Gianluca Pandeinuvu’s goal.

Persis Solo needed just three minutes to retake the lead. Fernando Rodrรญguez Ortega scored Persis’ second goal to make it 2:1 in the 65th minute.

Pesan Maman Abdurrahman Untuk Pemain Persija Jelang Lawan Psm Makassar

A long pass from Eko Taufik to Ryo Matsumuru was followed by a cross from the right flank. Fernando Rodriguez met the ball in one gulp.

PSM responded immediately. Less than five minutes later, PSM equalized again. He started with a free kick and Pluim hit the crossbar with a header from the left flank. The ball rolled to the long post and beat defender M. Reza Pratama.

PSM managed to beat Persis in the 76th minute. Everton Nascimento got his name on the scoreboard to make it 3-2.

Substitute Ramadan Sananta passed from the left flank. Everton finished the ball off with a powerful, deliberate header that bounced into the bottom corner of the goal.

Psm Makassar Kokoh Di Puncak Klasemen Setelah Tekuk Persis Solo 3 2

Sananta missed a great chance in the last five minutes to finish off the resistance. Plum’s collaboration with Yance Sayuri frees Sanantha. But Sanantha’s shot just hit the outside corner of the crossbar at Persis Solo.

With this victory, PSM Makassar has won eight games in a row. PSM is still at the top of the league table with 62 points from 28 matches, while Persis Solo is in 11th place with 33 points.

In addition, this is the eighth consecutive victory for Bernard Tavares’ proteges. Meanwhile, defeat against Persis Solo left them in 11th place with 33 points.

PSM Makassar coach Bernardo Tavares said his team will face two teams in this match, namely Persis Solo and Referee. However, with the support of the fans, his team managed to come out victorious. “We are very grateful for the presence of the fans,” he said.

Psm Makassar Vs Persis Solo, Laga Perdana Setelah Libur

He said that the referee led by Juhandri Setiana always hurt PSM Makassar, especially since Everton’s goal was not actually offside.

Tavares said that Juhandri Setiana has always caused controversy in several matches, be it PSM Makassar against Barito Putera or against Arema.

“What if the coach is not good, there should be consequences from the management, the players should also have consequences from the coach. What are the consequences for the referee?” Tavares asked.

Despite the fact that the referee took the side of the opposing team, his team still had a strong mentality, according to the Portuguese coach. “The help support has also pretty much petrified every game,” he explained. (fah/b)

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