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Pss Sleman Vs Psm Makassar – PSS Sleman and PSM Makassar will meet in week 11 of Ligue 1 2023/2024. Ja

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πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Pss Sleman Vs Psm Makassar

Pss Sleman Vs Psm Makassar

Marian Mikhail said PSM came to the Maguwoharjo Stadium highly motivated to win points. Michael has no hesitation in praising PSM Makassar as a champion defender who has always performed well and has become a big club in Indonesia.

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β€œThey are a team with a good mentality when they get attacked in the team and can bounce back. It is not an easy task because we are playing in front of PSS fans,” he explained.

Coach Mikhail stated honestly and firmly that there are no hidden tactics and tactics in serving PSM Makassar. According to him, every player must train hard to break the limits of their abilities.

β€œTo support this, the coaching staff and I will provide additional training equipment for the offensive game. Every player in front of the opponent’s goal will have to work hard to get the ball and the ball from different directions. β€œWe will work hard and smart to Tomorrow’s game,” he explained.

It is known that PSS Sleman currently ranks 6th in the tournament table with 16 points, PSM is 10th with 14 points.

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Pss sleman vs psm makassar pss vs psm marian mikhail psm makassar psm liga 1 2023/2024 liga 1 – PSS Sleman vs PSM Makassar Match 28 week 2021 Liga 1 draw 0-0 Must finish Tuesday March 1, 2022 at the stadium. Sports Gelora Ngurah Rai Denpansar

Based on these results, PSS Sleman is 11th with 32 points while PSM Makassar is 14th with 30 points.

At the start of the first half, PSS looked to have possession immediately, but PSM couldn’t find the net. In addition, PSM’s play was effective enough to seize the opportunity through Golgol Mebrahtu in the 15th minute, but unfortunately missed the target.

PSS then immediately pressured PSM’s defense until an opportunity created by Mario Maslak in the 23rd minute unfortunately failed to make a substitution as expected by PSM goalkeeper Hilman Syah.

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PSM went silent to create a chance for Mohammed Arfan to have a chance in the 36th minute, but the shot still hit the crossbar. Near the end of the first half, PSS failed to convert Misbaqul Solikin’s ball into a goal and the first half ended with the score 0:0.

In the second half, PSS controlled the ball and played the same way as the first half. However, PSM had an early chance in the 54th minute from Jacob Sayuri, but could not open the scoring.

In the 76th minute, PSS Sleman gets a chance from Sahrul. Milla with a shot but Hilman Shah knew ahead of time. PSM also had another chance to score past Jakob Sayuri and Miswar Saputra was able to save Jakob Sayuri once more.

PSS had a chance to score a free kick near the end of the game but was denied by defender Dave Mustaine. Finally, the meeting between PSS Sleman and PSM ended with the score 0: 0

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– 2022/23 Ligue 1 leader PSM Makassar was able to retain his place after beating PSS Sleman beating Gelora B 4-0…

– Persian Jakarta League 2022/23 received full points in the final game against PSS Sleman, the game presented at the “Sultan” stadium…

– BRI League 1 2022/23 results PSIS Semarang gets three more points and RANS Nusantara FC tries to break the negative trend PSI…

– PSM Makassar beat Percebaya Surabaya at home and get full points PSM Makassar beat Percebaya fair… Willian Pluim will make his 150th appearance in Ligue 1 when PSM Makassar visits PSS Sleman, an incredible achievement for a foreign player to play for the only team in Indonesia’s premier football competition.

Pss Sleman Vs Psm Makassar Live Stream & Prediction, H2h

PSS Sleman vs PSM Makassar 2023/2024 League 1 Round 11, Sleman, Sunday (3/9/2023) at Maguwoharjo Stadium.

It’s a special game for Viljan Pluim. If he plays Bernardo Tavares, he will become the first foreigner of PSM. Makassar with 150 Ligue 1 appearances

Viljan Pluim played 149 games for PSM Makassar in Ligue 1. In these games Pluim Juku scored 41 goals and provided 43 assists for Team A. Ja

Interestingly enough, Pluim received few bookings despite playing so many games for PSM in Ligue 1. Plum only received 25 yellow cards and 1 red.

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The game also opened the way for Pluim to surpass Marko Simic’s goalscoring status as the only player to play for a single Ligue 1 club. Simic scored 63 goals in 97 games for the Kemayoran Tigers against Persia.

In this match, PSM Makassar will also have a mission to climb to the top of the League 1 table as well. Currently, the Juku Eja team is in 10th place with 14 points.

Although he made his 150th appearance for the national team, Willian’s performance Pluim in game against PSS Slaman is still a question mark. The reason was that coach Bernardo Tavares raised his hand because the Dutch footballer had missed an earlier training session.

It is understood Pluim missed training for the first time ahead of the game against Persebaya Surabaya at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium on Friday (18/8). in Bali while his colleagues returned to Makassar for training.

Susunan Pemain Pss Sleman Vs Psm Makassar, Bernardo Cadangkan Kenzo

Pluim played in PSM’s game against Yangon United in the 2023 AFC Cup Playoffs at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium in Bali on Wednesday (8/23). ) In that match, Pluim came off the bench in the second half.

After meeting I’m glad I didn’t attend the training again. This time Pluim is back in Makassar but has not attended training in preparation for Persis Solo on Monday (8/28).

In that match, Pluim was once again included in PSM’s reserve squad, resulting in Pluim coming off the bench in the 80th minute.

Recently, Willyan was seen Pluim took part in training during his preparations with PSG Sleman, however, his status as a main or substitute remains a question mark.

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