[[WATCH]] Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna Live 14 April 2023

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna – With these events, we directly ended the match between Osasuna and Rayo Waikano. Thank you very much for your support, see you next time.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna LIVE HERE!!

👇👇👇Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

Despite an emotionless and inaccurate second half, the home side managed to untangle the scoreline until stoppage time. Cote delivered a superb cross from the left wing, allowing Manu Sanchez to solo into the box six yards from the center of the box. Dmitrievsky couldn’t stop his bow from falling.

El Osasuna Mantiene El Pleno En Casa Contra El Rayo

In an isolated game, Cote sent a wonderful cross from the left wing, and Sanchez just happened to score the final goal in the middle.

Osasuna appears to have run out of oxygen cylinders. Stress is also different. The full-backs are no longer attacking and Azarakhsh can play more calmly.

Rayo started cheering in the final minutes. He lacks clarity in creating games, but lacks desire.

Rayo started making mistakes on defense. Poor passes and poor screens resulted in the ball being lost near the box, but Osasuna did not take advantage.

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Quick lightning protection. After the opponent came back to his senses in the frontcourt, Guardiola went down from the left, but sent a bad pass and was easily controlled by Herrera.

Al-Sadar’s game is interrupted. Mahali lowered his intensity, and Rayo couldn’t find a way.

Rayo can’t find the ball. Osasuna, while inaccurate, was deep and consistently pressed the opponent’s floor.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

Toro made a good jumper from the edge of the penalty area. He finished, but his sister blocked his way, preventing his bow from dropping.

Osasuna Overtake Rayo Vallecano In Europa League Race With Key Win In Vallecas

Falcao was alone against four defenders. His team just wanted to hit the ball and he wasn’t doing his best

Osasuna came onto the field with the same spirit and intensity as in the first half. lightning keeps moving

The first half of the game was in the hands of the home team. He started the game with intensity and breadth from the opening whistle. As far as Iravela’s team is concerned, they waited near the home goal and resisted the onslaught of their opponents. Seth and Kumsana had to close the midfield and compete with Osasuna’s midfield.

Despite Rayo’s cheers for parts of the first half, their passing inaccuracies and pressure from the natives kept Madrid from making progress on the opposition pitch, with Falcao having the greatest impact. He tried to find the ball, but it was not far from the ball.

Alejandro Catena Of Rayo Vallecano De Madrid In Action During The… News Photo

The departure of full-backs Sanchez and Vidal was decisive in creating an attacking game and forcing Leo to retreat in his own area. The width at the back meant that Álvaro and Palazón couldn’t get away and offer the visitors options.

Goalkeeper Dimitrovski was wary of every attack from Osasuna despite few chances to score, and managed to clear a few balls and intercept dangerous crosses into his area.

Passing ray is not accurate. Sis has muscle in midfield but no ideas.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

Falcao asked his teammates to remain calm. He wants them to handle the ball and play more calmly. They cannot yet be deployed in the field.

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Rayo Vaikano retreated more and more, playing close to Dimitrowski. Osasuna’s full-backs forced the visitors’ wingers back.

The goalkeeper reacted well after Koko Garcia’s shot. Defender blocks shot, Rayo saves

Osasuna contains Rayo in its own context. He maintains possession and recovers quickly after losing the ball.

Osasuna raised the line again. Pressing Lightning’s exit and drawing a foul brings the local closer to Dmystrovski’s goal.

Rayo Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

After a series of fouls at the beginning, Quick Garcia overflowed from the left to end the game, but Dimistrovski responded appropriately.

Osasuna is more dynamic on the opposing side. He moves the ball quickly and tries to extend the play, but is not precise in the final meters.

The Chargers are a poor rebounding team. It closes all space for Osasuna fighting to go to the front.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

El Rayo is trying to contain the furious outbursts of its rivals. He’s looking for possession and staying as far away from his goal as possible.

Rayo Vallecano V Osasuna Laliga 14 04 2023

The pace of the game was slow but intense, which was caused by the inaccurate passing of the two teams. Local teams continue to take the initiative.

The team began to settle on the playing field. Osasuna advance their line-up as Reo looks to explode on the counter

El Tiger talks about his quick fit in Rio Waicano and the confidence that comes from goals and wins.

“You could tell he was happy. Another game,” coach Rayo Waikanu said on the eve of the duel with Osasuna.

La Liga: Rayo Vallecano Vs. Osasuna Event » Go Where When

Vaikas’ side completed their final training session ahead of a four-game winning streak in La Liga Santander. Andoni Iraola will not release the roster.

The locals entered Day 8 in fine form and are currently far from relegation. They currently have 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses with 11 points.

Their last game away to Mallorca brought them closer to the international break, which their current rivals have already shut out.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

The clear aim of the Pamplona side is to end Leo Vaicano’s good form and get him out of the race for a league or Europa League place.

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The forwards are the attacking means of the club. In the last game, he managed to score a goal that just started the duel. His speed and power are his main characteristics.

One of the wonders that has a hero is called Rayo Vaikano. The Vikas team has won three consecutive victories and is currently ranked fifth in the standings after defeating teams such as Barcelona, ​​Betis, Valencia, Athletic Bilbao and Villarreal.

Falcao Garcia will be tasked with giving the club a better idea of ​​how they feel about this big season, as they currently sit 10 points clear of relegation-bound Granada, Alaves and Getafe.

He didn’t start the previous game but celebrated at home against Cadiz and, as such, scored three goals for the Tigers in their return to La Liga. He hopes to be a target again and enter the national team in a good mood.

Osasuna Suma La Tercera Victoria Del Curso A Costa Del Rayo Vallecano (2 1)

In the final month of competition, he was not included in the list of seven players voted by the fans to be the best player in La Liga.

Welcome to live coverage of La Liga match 8 Osasuna – Rayo Vaikano, which will take place today (Saturday 2 October) at 7:00 am in El Sardar. Osasuna scored their third La Liga Santander win at El Sardar. Started well against Rayo Waicano, but lost to Yagoba Arasate’s team in Pamplona anyway.

Osasuna and Rayo Vallecano are tasked with kicking off the fourth game of La Liga’s 2022/23 season on Sunday. They also won for the home team, which once again had one of the most outstanding players of the time.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna

The 20-year-old scored his second goal in the Spanish top flight and was ultimately key to Yagouba Arasate’s third win in as many games at El Sardar and confirmed Ben Great start to the season.

Rayo Vallecano Vs Osasuna Live Score, H2h And Lineups

In any case, the game started with Vaikano’s superiority, and he took the initiative in the first 15 minutes of the game. From there, Osasuna took possession and took the lead in the first half.

“Well…you got me there! Nobody got him…he drives, faces, feet and passes. Abde – @RubenGarcia14 connects to Osasuna for the win. From LaLiga on Movistar Plus+ enjoy #LaCasaDelFútbol pic twitter.com/RcgfWtBdgh — Football on Movistar Plus+ (@MovistarFutbol) September 4, 2022

But the break ended with an initial score of 0-0. In the second move, Imal Aruz opened the gate. Lejeune equalized for El Sadar with 15 minutes remaining, but Ruben García made it 2-1 in the 90th minute with an Abde pass to give the Rojillos the win.

For each day of LaLiga 2022-2023, Movistar will choose 5 games to match them in rotation. Additionally, elections will be held alternately within 35 days.

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Day 1: Movistar chooses 1st, 2nd, Movistar chooses 3rd, 4th… and so on.

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