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Santos Fc Vs Gremio – Gremio 1-0 Santos: Luis Suarez missed a penalty but the tricolor gaucho made his Brazilian debut with victory. In the second half, Pistolero had a chance to make the score 2:0, but his shot went wide.

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Santos Fc Vs Gremio

The match left a bitter taste for Pistolero as his team won 1-0, but he missed an extra penalty that would have extended the lead.

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Joao Pedro scored the only goal of the game in the first half to give the Gauchos the treble, without Felipe Carballo due to injury, beating Pace in the second half with Rodrigo Fernandez coming on.

Gremio returned to the first division with a win, Luis Suarez’s debut thanks to a Joao Pedro goal in a 1-0 victory over Santos.

El Pistolero received the ball brilliantly and produced a cross, Joao Paulo made a great save to send it out for a corner.

Venezuela’s Jefferson Soteldo, who had previously received a yellow card, saw the second and received a red card minutes before the end of the match.

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Newcomer Nathan came on for Gaucho Tricota in the 72nd minute and almost scored his first goal three minutes later. The shot from the edge of the field and from the ground went very close to the left vertical line of the opposing goalkeeper.

After Eduardo Bowerman’s header, “Gremio” goalkeeper Adriel jumped into the air and made a great save.

A foul on Cristallo Messi gave Gremio a chance to double their advantage, but Pistolero fired the penalty over the bar. In the Gaucho jersey, he took four penalties in regular time and converted only one.

Riots broke out in the stands, Santos fans stole flags from Gremio’s stands and the second 45 minutes of the match were played.

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In the debut of the two teams in Brazil 2023, “Gremio” defeated “Santos” with a score of 1:0 with the goal of Joao Pedro.

The ball was fouled on him but Pistolero cleared it and headed his opponent only to find the keeper a few yards out but his shot was blocked by the keeper.

As the first half drew to a close, Joao Pedro found a loose ball on the edge of the area and put his feet down to make it 1-0.

After a very intense start to the game and chances for both teams, the pace of the match was lost and open games for goals began.

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The Argentinian was alone on the edge of the area and finished off the spot, but his shot was well saved by Joao Paulo.

Marcos Leonardo ran at high speed and, despite not having full control of the ball, saved the ball by holding hands with the tricolor goalkeeper.

After a good collective move, Diogo Barboza played in Zinho, who stayed put but his shot went wide.

He is already playing and will make his debut with Gremio and Santos closing the day on the first day of Brazil.

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Since there was a little more than half an hour left, the players of each team went to the playing field and did their pre-competition work.

El Page will look to steal three away points and he will be backed up by Uruguayan Rodrigo Fernandez.

El Pistolero will not miss Gremio’s debut in Brazil and will make his debut in the most important football tournament on the neighboring coast with the “9” under his belt.

After winning it all at state level, winning the Gaucho Cup Winners’ Cup and the Gaucho Championship, Gremio will make their Brazilian debut against Santos, with Luis Suarez starting in attack.

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Although he was doubtful about this match due to the difficulty, Pistolero did not want to miss it and will also make his debut in the most important competition of northern football.

Injured Felipe Carballo and Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Fernandez may be in Peyche’s squad.

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