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Sestao Vs Arenas Club – Sestao leads river derby The green-black side lead the table one-to-one, beating Arenas, who have won every game so far.

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πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡Sestao Vs Arenas Club

Sestao Vs Arenas Club

SESTAO RIVER Crespo; Etxeberria, Gaizka Martinez, Ugarte, Mateo; Huete, Garai (Urcelay, min. 78); Villar (Aranzabe, min. 78), Yurrebaso (Uriarte, min. 72), Goti (Juste, min. 72); Leandro (Daiki, min. 90). 3 – 1 ARENAS CLUB Landeta; Bravo, Argente, Paul, Gomez; Gabriel (Alonso, min. 84), Arzuaga (Goni, min. 84), Mayo, Jurgi (Zorrilla, min. 60); Elorza (Unai Garcia, min 60) and Inigo Lopez (Escobar, min 76). GATE 1-0; Elorza (min. 5). 1-1; Etxeberria (min. 34). 2-1; Leandro (min. 47). 3-1; Goti (min. 59) REFEREE Recio Moreno of the School of Navarra cautioned local Etxeberria (min. 90) and visitors Landeta (min. 28), Bravo (min. 37) and Argente (min. 51). EVENTS 1800 spectators in Las Llanas. The game could not have started more expensively for Arenas. Only five minutes were enough for the red-blacks to take the lead on the scoreboard. John Elorza received the ball on the edge of the box and shot powerfully, knocking Crespo over the line. Real goal from the winger who played for Sestao River two seasons ago. From that moment on, the locals put on their work overalls and constantly tried to settle the dispute. They hit the pitch many times but failed to put Landeta under pressure. All bullets came out. This incident happened half an hour after the crash, in Sestao’s brightest moment. Gorka Garai found Villa with a long shot down the right side of the field. Captain Markel let Etxeberria through and the winger drilled into the net as soon as the ball reached him. Another great destination. With electronic play regaining the upper hand, Arenas regained some of the possession that had been Sestao Rivers’ dominance until then, although there were no chances for the remainder of the first half. The beginning of the second half was the opposite of the first. This time it was the group led by Aytor Kalle who were better connected and managed to score after leaving the dressing room. Leandro slipped behind the ARENA defense and showed his accuracy in front of goal with a good finish. A shot from a low angle that gave Landeta a chance to prevent the goal. The situation doesn’t stop there. River Sestao aggravated his opponent’s injury and scored the third goal after the stack clock ran out. It was a good combination between Yurrebaso, Leandro and Goti. Yurrebaso opened the wing for Leandro and this matched Goti, who the winger only had to push into the empty net. Now it was Arenas turn to tighten the nut and he did. Eight minutes later he tried to close the gap with the genius of Inigo Lopez. The striker tried his luck with a wide three-quarter shot and Crespo saved his possession by putting his hand in before the ball hit the bar and went wide. Getholi had several chances in the closing stages but hardly challenged the keeper. They enjoyed plenty of corner kicks and the occasional shot from outside the box, but they missed the target. Arenas de Getjo and Sestao River drew 1-1 at the Municipal de Gobela Stadium on Saturday. Arenas de Getjo were hoping to pick up more points after a 1-1 draw with Real Sociedad C in their last game. in the last game. With this result, the Guechotarra team is in sixth place at the end of the game, while Sestao River remains the leader of the Second Federation.

Sestao River Club Vs Arenas Club

The score remained 0-0 in the first 45 minutes as neither player could score in the first half.

In the second half, the local side, who knew how to capitalize on their chance, took the lead after 60 minutes with a penalty converted by Bengoetxea. However, Sestao River later equalized through Juste’s goal in the 85th minute and the game ended 1-1.

Arenas de Getjo coaches Bravo, Josu Lazcano and Gabriel signed Jurgi Oteo, John Elorza and Bengoetxea, while Sestao River gave the green light to Juste, Goti, Asier and Yurrebaso, who replaced Villar, Aranzabe, Baque and Mateo. .

During the game, the referee showed the visiting team two yellow cards. More specifically, he showed Aranzabe and Ugarte yellow cards.

Sestao V Arenas Club De Getxo Live 16. 8. 2023

“Sestao River” leads the second association with 46 points and is in the promotion place at the end of the game, while “Arenas de Getjo” is in sixth place with 34 points.

Arenas de Getjo’s next second league game is against Tudelano, while Sestao River takes on SD Guernica.

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