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Ucam Murcia Vs El Palo – Barça B ends the 2021/22 season in the best way: with a win against UCAM Murcia. Despite the fact that the Murcians managed a game dominated by Barça B from the first moments with two minutes to go, the Catalans did not give up and put all their will on the table until at the end of the game. to score in the 90th minute a goal that allowed Sergi Barjuan’s team to win the last game of the season.

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Ucam Murcia Vs El Palo

The start of the game at La Condomina Stadium has its own name in the Barcelona code, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The young Moroccan winger is very strong all the time and he made his lightning a major factor of imbalance for Barça B. So the first goal of the game was born from his boots. After cutting three players, the ’20’ culé successfully finished his own game that started from the left side thanks to a strong shot that the rival striker could not stop (1-0 , min. 5).

Crónica 2ª División B: Ud Ibiza Eivissa 2 0 Ucam Murcia

This first goal gave Sergi Barjuan’s men the confidence they needed to face the next few minutes with confidence. Therefore, the Catalans continued to win the game through long possessions and went to the break without fear of their goal and sent lightning.

At the restart, it was decided to keep a high level of the game, the men of Sergi Barjuan continued their game in the home goal. In that domain culé emerged the relationship established between Rodado and Ez Abde to lead Barcelona’s offensive forces. The two players, alternating the role of assistant and client, played two very dangerous games; however, on both occasions, the reflexes of an inspired Pedro López prevented Barça’s second goal from becoming a reality.

After two great performances of the goalkeeper from Murcia, it is the turn of the goalkeeper from Barcelona. Àlex Ruiz gathered all the lights of the game, stopping a shot at the far post that brought out his reflexes and his attitude. However, the home team did not give up and with two minutes left in regulation time they were able to pull off a good move that ended with a low shot that Gabri Jimeno ate at the left post of the goal. Barcelona (1-1, min. 88). )

However, the short response time of Sergi Barjuan’s men to finish taking the three points to Barcelona did not stop their desire. So, a few minutes after the tie, a great shot with the left foot of Nils Mortimer from outside the area ended up giving Barça B a deserved victory (1-2, min. 90).

Ucam Murcia 3 0 Betis Deportivo: Cosido A Picotazos Por Uno De Los Gallitos

UCAM Murcia: Pedro López, Caro, Farrando (Ramón Martínez, min. 60), Moi, Tekio, Abenza, Fullana, Xemi (Jimeno, min. 72), Iglesias (Isi Ros, min. 60) Liberto, Rubén Mesa.

Barça: Àlex Ruiz, Dionkou, Ramos Mingo, Mika Mármol, Jandro Orellana (Lucas de Vega, min. 81), Matheus Pereira (Álvaro Sanz, min. 46), Aranda (Nils Mortimer, min. 70), Zacarias, Ez Abde , Jordi Escobar (Pequeno Polo, min. 46), Peque (Shoot, min. 55).

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UCAM Murcia and Real Murcia draw in the derby. The players of the university confirm that they are in the PRO League and Murcia will play their selection on the last day. Listen to the protagonists after the game

El Ucam Murcia Cf Supera Al Fc Barcelona

UCAM started at the behest of Condomina while Murcia tried to get him but without success. The first goal of the game came to the shoes of Alberto Fernández, who took a right foot hit the post and entered the Murcia goal. With the score against Murcia they wanted to respond but their attacks did not affect the defense of the university. Chemi could have put the ball in midway through the first half but Champagne turned his shot over for a corner. UCAM blocked the Murcia goal in the final minutes as the Granada goalkeeper struggled to keep his team in the game.

In the second half, Murcia wanted to control possession and have chances to equalize the competition, but Biel Ribas was careful to turn the attack of the grenades. UCAM came out on top and created chances to increase the result, although their shots did not affect the red box. At the end of the game, Murcia connected with Toril who was compared after a great shot.

With this result, UCAM confirmed that it is in the Pro League, becoming the leader of the division and will face Recreativo Granada on the final day. For their part, Real Murcia will play for their options to enter the next round or avoid relegation to El Ejido in the last few games.

UCAM loses to Algeciras and is the second team for the promotion competition (1-2) 09 MAY 2021 – 12:37

El Filial Cayó Ante El Ucam Murcia En Un Choque En El Que La Mejoría No Sirvió Para Sumar

UCAM Murcia is back and booked for the promotion game in the 2nd Division (3-2) 25 APR 2021 – 19:37

UCAM returns to Recreativo Granada and is the champion of its group (1-2) 21 MAR 2021 – 11:54

Alberto Fernández: “The goal against Real Murcia increased my self-esteem a lot” 16 MAR 2021 – 15:17 UCAM Murcia beat Palo in the penalty shootout The university students won the first edition of the BeSoccer Trophy from eleven meters after the 0- 0 draw in regulation time

The penalty shootout gave the verdict in the first edition of the BeSoccer Trophy, which served as a presentation of UCAM Murcia in its stadium before the start of the league. The players of the university won the Ball from eleven meters, although in the ninety minutes of regulation, the teams could not break the first zero. The Molo group had many problems in finding solutions in three quarters of the field, while the Andalusian group grew a little to the centers of Zorro, which is the best part of the game for university students . An attempt, of course, to increase suspicions rather than certainties for Molo.

El San Fernando Cae En Su Estreno En La Fase De Ascenso Ante El Gran Favorito Ucam Murcia

UCAM Murcia played its fifth summer friendly. After playing four games this pre-season, with a record of two wins and two losses, UCAM faced El Palo in their debut at BeSoccer La Condomina.

It is a game with real love games, since the president of El Palo is Manu Heredia, who has a close relationship with UCAM Murcia, while he also runs BeSoccer, the company that gave its name to the stadium and with the first edition this summer. competition…

To start at his stadium, Molo took a familiar eleven, which can be similar to the start of the league. Into the goal he took Zorro; Javi Pérez Diego Jiménez, Fran Lara and Migue in the line of four at the back; Yasser, Abenza and Manu Ramírez, in midfield; to the highest, Alfredo Gutiérrez and Isra Cano; point at, Chumbi.

The first half was not very pleasant on the part of either team. Neither of them could make up their mind to the other and neither of them could open the can. UCAM Murcia dominated the ball, but their system fell short when they got close to three quarters of the field. Only Mario Abenza, with his usual motorcycle break lines, did the damage from outside the area.

Ucam Murcia 0 2 Real Betis: Resultado, Resumen Y Goles

The most important activities for the UCAM are from an organized sector. Manu Ramírez revealed that he is left-footed. Every center he left was gold. They got a shot from Abenza, which missed very narrowly, and Yasser was the only one who could go down.

The people of Molo, despite their brutality, are better than a lowly society. Palo, however, seeing that his opponent did not complete the goal, grew and expanded his lines of effort. They started hitting higher and stealing more balls. With the connection of two routes from Palo, the defense of UCAM Murcia collapsed. In fact, the two worst moments of the season are the visitors. In the first, Zorro reached out for a pinpoint shot that went straight into the box. Second, he took Ito alone with a free handball routine. Zorro is the best of the first

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