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Villarrobledo Vs Linares Deporti – Point and finish promotion year with a draw against Villarrobledo in festive Escartin (0-0)

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Villarrobledo Vs Linares Deporti

Gonzalo Ónega decided to distribute the minutes among the players who had fewer chances in the last part of the season. Of those who played for TarancĂłn, only DarĂ­o GarcĂ­a and Fran Santano repeated, giving Manolo, MĂłdula, LlabrĂ©s, Joseja Amat, Mario, Pablo Zotes, Laucha, Adri Castro and Luis Carlos access to the starting eleven. Before the match, a well-deserved tribute was paid to Pablo Ramos, who will now bear his name on the back stand covered by “Pedro EscartĂ­n”, in recognition of his tireless work and so many years of sport. In addition, C. P. Villarrobledo created a hall of honor for the Alcarria team when they left the field, in recognition of their achievements in being already declared champions of the league.

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As the referee blew the whistle at the start of the match, DĂ©por showed that they wanted the same game plan as in the six consecutive victories they had won, but the opponent was not going to make it easy for them as C.P. Villarrobledo is a team that has been the leader for many days in the first round and stands at the gates of a second chance at promotion. The first chances went to the purple ones, though they were all timid and didn’t call Luis del Ramo.

One of the best belonged to Luis Carlos, who managed to gain a foothold in the penalty area and made a shot that crossed the goal line with almost no angle. Several long-range shots by AgustĂ­n MĂłdula and Adri Castro were another way for the sports team to score, albeit without success. So were the counter-attacks where Fran Santano passed the ball to Mario in the penalty area, who attempted a low cross to the Madrid striker, who had inadvertently interrupted a defensive situation.

Villarrobledo wanted to extend and have his chances, managing to get close to Manolo’s goal a couple of times but without creating a threat or any clear shot. Alcarreña’s defensive play did not allow the visitors to attack freely or develop their play. In the first half, their best actions were two set pieces, which they could not finish.

The second half had two distinct parts, the first more favorable to the visitors and an ending where purple turned the game upside down. Without forcing Manolo to interfere with any defense, the people of Robles managed to close off the Alcarreña area and put the balls looking for a shot from men like Josemi. The sporting defense, in which Richi Souza and Javier Ablanque entered in a merry-go-round of substitutions, gave Villarrobledo no way out. Gonzalo Ónega also introduced Chupi, Soga and Javi Corral, who came on for Manolo in the final window, his first official match of the season, with both goalkeepers receiving applause from over 5,000 people and attending the ‘Pedro EscartĂ­n’.

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DĂ©por defended well against Villarrobledo’s attack and finally took a step forward, which chilled the opposition in the last 25 minutes of the game. In this section, Alcarria’s best chances were Pablo Zotes’ shot from outside the box that missed the target, and Javier Ablanque’s shot from a corner into the near post which brushed the crossbar. The purple team opted for a lot of side midfield as they tried to find Soga, but the away defense deflected many balls that came off the flanks. Minutes passed in this way, and neither team was able to open the score, which did not change throughout the match.

After marking the end of the game, the uncalled players took to the field to celebrate the end of the season with their teammates. A few minutes later, fans also stormed onto the pitch to thank their players for an impressive season in which Deportivo Guadalajara became league champions for the first time. Thus began the celebration, which lasted over time, first in the field, then on the stage prepared for the celebration, and the next day on the bus through the city, the offering of flowers to the Virgin and the reception at the town hall.

This ends the season in which Deprotivo Guadalajara managed to declare themselves champions of group XVIII of the third division. Six years later, the team manages to regain the lost category and will start in the II RFEF next season.

CD. Guadalajara: Manolo (Javi Corral, 76′); Pablo Zotes, LlabrĂ©s (Ablanque, 76′), Joseja Amat, Mario; Module (Richi Souza, 55′), DarĂ­o GarcĂ­a, Laucha, Adri Castro (Chupi, 66′); Luis Carlos (Rope, 66′) and Fran Santano.

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CP Villarrobledo: Luis; X (RubĂ©n Gomez, 83′), Jacinto (Zakaria, 51′), RaĂșl Calero, Silverio; Álex Valerio, Alfonso de la Cruz, Yalike (Christian, 65â€Č), X; Alfon (Jorge GarcĂ­a, 83′) and Josemi (Canty, 65′).

Judge: D. Tercero Campos (Castile-Manchego Committee). Modula (47′) admonished by CD Guadalajara and Silverio (30′) and Christian (86′) from C.P. If you’re neutral, you can be at the feast. But that doesn’t mean the prices are exciting.

Villarrobledo will get all they can from Linares’ recent results. On the road, the visitors were far from destruction; they have lost 5 of their last 7 away matches. This does not look like the last record of a team that is such a favorite.

And while they are expected to come through Villarrobledo, they are not deadlocked and a home win could be a fair shout out.

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Villarrobledo will have to show a level of football that most people don’t have. While not enough to turn the tide of the match, the hosts posted some good numbers. They scored at least once in each of their last 5 games and that was backed up by the entire squad. At the back, they have kept clean sheets in 12 of their last 19 home games.

The linebackers have struggled lately when they’re not at home. They have conceded two or more goals in 8 of their last 10 away games. Cynics will ask questions about stats from the other end of the field. With an average of just 0.6 goals in their last 7 away games, creating chances to win becomes difficult for Linares.

If Linares are to justify their low price, they may want to keep a clean slate. It’s not a strong opinion so might miss it, but the No BTTS bet is fair enough.

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The blues, bearing the name of Linares CF, remember this achievement in the distant 76/77 season as a minor sporting milestone since the Cantabrians were members of the First Division. The trajectories of the two organizations have been very different, with some needing to be reactivated and others enjoying a multi-year run in the semi-finals of the Elite Cup and even in European competition.

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The first match was played on September 22, 1976, led by José Emilio Guruceta Muro. Chicha from the penalty spot and Salas in the 4th and 83rd minutes scored goals for the team led by Enrique Ales, while Arteche in the 47th minute and Zuviria in the 60th minute scored for the mountaineers. The races were trained by Maguregui.

In theory, the draw was in favor of Racing in the rematch at El Sardinero. The higher category team had everything to win at home against a player playing in the third category

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